US Senator Barbara Boxer calls for urgent action towards Salton Sea restoration

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IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif. - U.S Senator Barbara Boxer is continuing her urgent call for help at the Salton Sea. The impacts of the sea's problems have been prevalent this summer, with more odor advisories, dust in the air and fish die-offs.

Senator Boxer says the sea is a danger to the public's health. Today she urged local, state, and federal officials to make moves towards the restoration.

The Salton sea neighbors many residents in the Imperial County. Kenneth French, a Niland resident says he sees the effects of what's happening there every day and wants to see more done to improve conditions at the Salton Sea.

California law makers approved $80.5 million for Salton Sea restorations this year. Senator Boxer says it's the the largest amount ever provided by the state of California for Salton Sea restoration efforts.

Senator Boxer says that if we don't make changes now, the price tag could look much worse than the projected $80.5 million.

"Continued failure to protect and persevere the Salton Sea could cost as much as 70 billion over the next 30 years," said Senator Boxer.

Senator Boxer says that if we don't act fast we will face public health disaster, a disaster that French doesn't want to see.

"I'm chronic asthmatic myself. It's already bad enough," said French.

Once the state jumps into action towards the restorations, Senator Boxer says we can expect a rejuvenated lake.

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