Upgrade your posters for a fresh look

If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update a room, start with your posters. This DIY project will take less than a day and give any room a more polished look. All you'll need are a few supplies that you can get from any craft store and a free hour.


Poster or print

Mat board


Utility knife


Measure the dimensions of your poster.

If you're going for the classic rectangular look, cut out a piece of mat board that is 4 inches/10 cm bigger than your poster. If not, just cut out a fun shape of your choice inside the mat board and skip to step four.

Cut a rectangle in the center of the mat board by measuring in 2.25 inches/5.72 cm from each edge.

Place the mat board inside your frame, which should be the same dimensions as the mat board, then place your poster face down on top. Tape it down so it doesn't slide, then cover the frame with its backing.

Display your new creation!


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