UPDATE: Misting system company makes quick fix after 'lack of communication'

Gary's Outdoor Misting Systems apologizes for 'lack of communication'

LA QUINTA, Calif. - Ron Sommer and Cheryl Sommer's misting system broke a month ago at their La Quinta home.

We were there when Gary's Outdoor Misting Systems finally showed up to fix it Friday.

The misting system came with a four-year warranty, repairs and parts included. Since it broke the Sommers made more than 20 phone calls to owner Gary Thayer and waited last Monday for a technician who didn't show up. They got no response from the company and contacted us for help. We made some calls and got them in touch with Thayer.

"It was more frustrating for us to try to get  ahold of him that long and get no response," said Ron Sommer. "It worked well. It's the only way Gary got a hold of us, finally."

Thayer said his company prides itself on customer service.

"I take full responsibility for it. There was a lack of communication. I was out of town. My installer was in Oregon for his son's graduation," said Thayer.

Thayer said his office manager set an appointment to send a technician to fix the problem last Monday, not realizing no one was in town to do it.

"I got back. I saw the news and obviously it wasn't done. Everyone assumed it was done. I'm not going to make any excuses," Thayer said.

After a quick adjustment to the clamps, the misters worked again.

"I'm happy with Gary that he responded and got it fixed. He just had some communication problems, so I don't have a problem with him," said Ron Sommer.

"It's unfortunate the whole thing happened, but we're manning up and owning up and we took care of it."

Despite the miscommunication, the Sommers said they still recommend Gary's Outdoor Misting Systems.

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