Uber Eats takes PS restaurants to the road

Uber Eats takes PS restaurants on the...

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A popular ride-sharing application is changing the game when it comes to food delivery in the Coachella Valley.

"We eat out a lot but we shouldn't. There's a lot of times on a Friday night we don't want to go out and we don't want to cook, we order in," Read Brown said.

Throughout the Coachella Valley, people have options when it comes to food delivery.
A new app is adding to that competition on Monday. Uber Eats is partnering with local restaurants and drivers in Palm Springs.

"We do get orders to go and it was something on our minds to have delivery service," Willie Rhine of 849 Restaurant said.

Next week, 849 Restaurant will be testing out the market by taking their fine dining on the road.

"People are looking for ease of getting good food. People are looking to spend more time around the pool. There will be delivery service to local hotels," Rhine said.

Uber Eats officials said the application works the same way as if you were requesting an Uber from their ride-sharing service.

"It will locate where you are via the app or you can put your address in. It will tell you what restaurants are available near you, give you an estimation of how long it will take to get to you and you can then track your order through the app," Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend said.

The application has launched in major cities nationwide. But the move to the Coachella Valley will have some growing to do.

"We're still building that partnership. We have many restaurants already partnered with us. We're hoping to grow that number as we expand in the area," Behrend said

Some foodies said they are excited about having new options.

"It's convenient. There are times when you are at home and you don't want to go anywhere else," Kasey Scott said.

"I use LA Bites so it would be interesting to see how Uber markets their new app and what restaurants are on there," Brown said.

Uber Eats charges a flat-rate delivery fee of $4.99 per order. 

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