Two Valley Youth Meet Lady Gaga

She's fearless, fashionable, ferocious -- and philanthropic.

Lady Gaga hosted the launch of her Born This Way Foundation with Oprah Winfrey and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

"It's promoting support of the LGBT community, anti bullying, tolerance, and promoting kindness,? Jessica Pompa said.

Two involved valley youth attended the conference at Harvard University.

"I'm a youth journalist for Coachella Incorporated. We're a group of young journalists in the eastern valley,? Tony Aguilar said.

"My organization, Building Healthy Communities, I've been working with them for two years now,? Pompa said.

"There are about half a dozen or more youth journalist groups like Coachella Incorporated up and down the state of California. They contacted each youth group and said we'd like to send someone, please send us a nominee or something and from there, that's how we were chosen,? Aguilar noted.

Gaga said the foundation's goal is to empower youth and inspire bravery.

The youth say of all the quirky traits to love about Lady G, what they like most, ?Her individuality. She doesn't try to fit in,? Pompa said.

This one day conference isn't just a 24-hour trip for these valley youth.

"I definitely think if there was a center around here for youth to utilize to stay at or just to go to when they're hurting for something to do or when they're lost, I think it would definitely reduce crime rates or suspicious activity,? Aguilar said.

"I'm going to try and talk to her about coming out to the eastern Coachella Valley, so maybe we can get something youth-led. That's something I'm really looking forward to,? Pompa said.

The youth seem eager to bring back Gaga's ambitious energy to the desert.

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