Older Turpin siblings recovering at medical center

Latest on Turpin siblings' recovery

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. - Lawyers representing the seven adult Turpin siblings share details on their ongoing recovery.

The siblings' parents, David and Louise Turpin, are accused of torturing, imprisoning, and starving 12 of their 13 children for years. The couple pleaded to 37 charges and have been barred from contacting their children. If convicted, the Turpins would face 94 years to life in state prison.

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CBS News reports that the younger six siblings have been split between two foster homes. The older seven siblings (ranging from ages 18 to 29) are at the nearby Corona Medical Center.

Attorneys representing the older siblings said that medical center staff has converted part of the hospital to make it more comfortable for them.

"They talk about how warm and loving these kids are and so appreciative," said Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel said of the medical staff. "Some of them have never really seen a toothbrush before. ... Things that we just take for granted mean so much to these kids."

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Medical staff also set up an area outside so the siblings can get exercise and play sports.

The older and younger siblings haven't been reunited since their parents' arrest, but have communicated via Skype.

Attorneys said that in the short term, all the older siblings want is to go the beach, the mountains, and the movies. In the long term, they want to attend college and pursue careers.

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