Toxic Free School Supplies List

Provided by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice

List of PVC-Free Products and Alternative Materials

Binder Pockets

Avery Binder Pockets. Labeled PVC-free.
Come in various colors. Fits smaller 3-ring
binders and organizers: 5.5" x 8.5". 5 pack.

Better Office Products
PP binder pockets and index dividers.

C-Line Products
PP binder pockets.


Avery sells a number of binders that are
labeled PVC-free on the cover and are usually
"Heavy Duty" or "Durable." Chipboard
advertised as "made of 100% recycled materials."
They come in various sizes (1", 1.5",
2", 3", 4", 5") and colors (blue, green, orange,
red, navy blue, white, black, etc.). Note - they
alsomake binders made out of PVC so be sure
to look for the PVC-free labeled ones.

** Available at most national chains including Staples, Rite Aid, CVS, and Target. Note - the availability of styles and colors generally vary from retailer to retailer.

Better Office Products
All PP and zipper binders.
Polyethylene binders. Note - they also make
binders made out of PVC.

Green Earth Office Supply
Recycled cardboard binders. Note - they
also sell some binders made out of PVC.

100% recycled fiber binders and soy-based ink.

** Available at Target

For the entire list and easy print-out to take with you to the store please visit:

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