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Festival experts share tips to help you survive Coachella and Stagecoach

Coachella Survival Guide - KESQ 6PM

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - Festival season is here. With less than a week until weekend one of Coachella, Alexandra Pierce is talking to festival experts to share the dos and don'ts to make sure you survive the season.

Erin Hyland has been going to the concert for 12 years. Which means she knows a thing or two about surviving these weekends.

"Find a meeting place with your friends, cell service is sketchy and you will get lost, so find a safe spot. Chap stick, sunscreen and drink so much water, like twice as much as you think you should, because you are out there," Hyland said.

And if you don't want to wait in lines all day, Hyland is sharing a secret.

"I almost don't want to say, but go to the furthest ID check. Because you do have to get your ID checked if you want to do some adult beverages. So there's others aside from the one at the door," Hyland said.

Others said it's all about being prepared for the wind.

"Definitely bring a hat and a bandana for sure because it can sometimes can be "dustchella"," said Lee Rice who's been to Coachella five times.

Even newbies know the wind is not to be messed with.

"I'll definitely bring layers and I'll have my sunglasses, preferably my bigger ones, to cover all of that," said Kimberly Aug who's going to Coachella for the first time.

Things you should bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Band-Aids
  • Portable cell phone charger
  • Bandana
  • Sunglasses 
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Cash
  • Wet wipes

And if you're driving home on Monday, make sure you don't leave in the morning because then you'll be stuck in standstill traffic.

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