Tips on how to stay safe on flooded roads

Tips on how to stay safe on flooded roads

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Sunday's flash flooding in Cathedral City created major problems for drivers.

"Cars stuck, motorists stranded, and having to walk out," said Battalion Chief Eric Hauser of Cathedral City Fire Department.

We found an SUV stuck in several feet of water just off Ramon Road, leaving the driver sidelined with nothing to do but wait for help.

"If you see water just turn around, and certainly don't go around the barricades," Hauser said.

Technicians at Sergio's Automotive in Thousand Palms have to replace one car's engine, which stalled after a driver tried to pass through Sunday's high waters.
"You don't know how deep the water is, and some of the intakes are pointed down at the bottom of the car and your engine can suck up water," said Sergio Ceballos, a technician at Sergio's Automotive.

The cost to the owner: several thousand dollars. So what do you do if you see standing or rushing water on the roadway? Some drivers we met had the right answer.

"Try to turn around and go back home. Matter of fact I did that over here by Ramon. It wasn't worth where I was going to go," said Barry Bias of Cathedral City.

Also, take precautions before heading out. That includes replacing windshield wipers, which can begin to crack in our valley's dry heat.
Also, keep those tires maintained.

"Make sure you have good tread, and slow down when the surface is wet. Don't go faster than normal, even go slower than the speed limit," Ceballos said.

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