Time's running out to remove campaign signs

Election signs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Ann Rhein sees campaign signs everyday on her way to work. Days after the election, she understands they served a purpose, but it's time to clean up.

"It's quite frustrating. It's all over. I would just love to see them remove them with the same enthusiasm they placed them," she said.

We made calls to cities across the Coachella Valley to find out when the clutter gets removed.

If signs were put up in unincorporated areas, candidates must remove them in 10 days. If they were put up within city limits, each city decides.

Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City and Rancho Mirage don't have a specific deadline. Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City will discuss enforcing one.

Indio, Coachella and Indian Wells set a deadline of 10 days.

Palm Desert allows 30 days.

If candidates don't remove signs in Palm Springs within five days, they could face a $100 fine per sign.

"That's even more incentive to get out there and get those signs cleaned up and recycle them," said Rhein.

In La Quinta, it's one week. It's already cleaning house.

"Most, if not all the signs, are down. We'll, on Tuesday, go out again and make sure they're all removed from our community," said Les Johnson, La Quinta community development director.

Mike Hestrin, the Riverside County district attorney elect, said he's got more than 10,000 campaign signs posted across the county. His campaign assures it will start taking them down this weekend.

Don't remove signs yourself. Leave it up to the candidates and/or property owner of where they are placed.

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