Thousands flock to first-ever Comic Con Palm Springs

Thousands flock to first-ever Comic Con Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Sunday marks the final day of the first ever Comic Con Palm Springs. Thousands of comic fans will be heading back to the convention center, dressed as their favorite characters looking to snag an autograph or a collector's item.

Many said they're thrilled to have this iconic event right in their back yard.

"I think it's a really great idea. The city did really need a comic convention and it's getting more new things, it's getting in Palm Springs and I think it's important that the community get together and do these things," said Stephanie Morerra, of Palm Springs.

Many attendees were excited to snag an autograph or a picture with Lou Farrigno or Stan Lee.

Many booths are selling classic action figures and comic books, others selling more original items. Bubbles and Frown sells handmade headdresses, catching many people's attention.

"The base for the hats is made out of foam, it's similar to a yoga mat. So this is hollow, it probably weighs less than a pound and the base of it is like 30 pieces and you put it together, the same way as a garment. But unlike a T-shirt it actually holds its shape," said haberdasher Sylva Hattington.

The entire event made possible by founder Chris Spellman.

"To see this many people show up is exactly what we were hoping for. It was a vision and a dream by everyone on the project and to see all these people happy is a dream come true," Spellman said.

He said the best thing about Comic Con is that it allows people to be who they want to be and not feel bad about it.

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