The Living Desert to offer exclusive jaguar exhibit

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PALM DESERT, Calif. - You have a chance to get up close and personal with some new additions at The Living Desert. The zoo is gearing up to introduce the first ever jaguar cubs born at the facility. 

"In the last year there have been five litters of jags right here in the United States in captivity so I would say that's pretty rare," said Marketing and Public Relations Manager of The Living Desert, Rebecca Brown. 

Brown says the first time jaguar mom is handling her new job like a champ.

"I think she exceeded everybody's expectations," added Brown. 

The cats won't be out in exhibit until early fall, but until then the zoo will offer a behind the scenes tour to meet the newest additions. It's the first time the zoo has ever offered this type of experience. The cost is $300, or $275 for zoo members. 

"This is a really exclusive opportunity," said Brown. "These are first ever jaguar babies that have been born at the zoo so you're getting an opportunity not only to see the first ones but to see them before they even go out on exhibit to the public."

The money also goes toward funding the zoo's conservation, preservation and Survival Species programs. 

"We always like to remind people that they're not pets," explained Brown. "You're not going to come in and get to hand feed the jaguars hug them or anything like that, so just realize that we're dealing with wild animals in captivity so just the experience of getting to be that close and getting to see them is really wonderful."

The jaguar tours begin August 15. They will be limited to three people per tour. Tours will be offered twice a day and three times a week.

To book your tour contact Roshan Patel of The Living Desert at (760)636-3273 or email 

Click here for more information and to visit the zoo's website.

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