The Lautner Compound opens its doors to Modernism Week visitors

Lautner Compound Modernism Week KESQ 6 pm

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - Modernism Week is in full swing with events happening all across the Coachella Valley. Sunday morning visitors got a first look at the brand new Lautner Compound.

"The Lautner Compound consists of these four interlocking units. They're all the same square footage," said Danny Heller with The Lautner Compound.

John Lautner studied with Frank Loyd Wright and built this compound in 1947 after finishing school.

"It's amazing actually being inside these forward thinking structures. You get to see how the light changes. You get to pick up on all the details," Heller said.

Now after years of renovations, the owners are ready to show it off to the world.

"It really puts a spotlight on the Coachella Valley and all the contributions that all these amazing architects have made to our community," Heller said.

The property sectioned off into three spaces: The Ranch House, The Park and The Lautner.

"They've tied everything in together so if you have weddings, anniversary, events, rent out the whole property. We can accommodate 500 people," Heller said.

The hotel featured in photo shoots and in a number of magazines, including Vogue.

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