Electric car maker Tesla Motors is expanding to the Coachella Valley.

A Tesla showroom will soon be placed in the Cathedral City Auto Park, according to Cathedal City Mayor Kathy DeRosa.

The showroom is set to open in May, but no exact date has been set. The company will take over the Former Volkswagen and Hyundai dealership.

DeRosa says customers won't be able to buy cars on the lot but they will be able to place orders at a point of sale kiosk and service their Tesla Model S and Roadsters.

A release from the city said Tesla Service Centers don't look like a typical auto shop. The new location will be equipped to provide the exact service these state-of-the-art vehicles need.

Tesla is reinventing the ownership experience.  Model S is designed to be easy to own, with over-the-air routine software updates that allow most issues to be resolved remotely.  If a Model S or Roadster does require in-person attention, owners may bring their car to a service center or schedule a "Tesla Ranger" visit to perform service at the owner's home or office. 

When a Model S or Roadster does come in for service, the owner will be provided a fully-loaded Model S Performance 85 loaner.

At the showroom, owners will be able to hook up their vehicles to a diagnostic computer to identify technical problems. A supercharger will also be there to recharge their vehicles.