• Major social media to remove hate speech

    Social media hate speech

    Shutterstock: Sofia Ordonez via CNN Money

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft are teaming up with the European Union to crack down on online hate speech.

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    By Ivana Kottasova
  • Asus wants new robot to help with elderly

    Asus Zenbo

    ASUS/CNNMoney via CNN

    As the average life expectancy continues to climb, elder care will become a bigger global issue. Companies like ASUS are anxious to position home robots as a potential solution.

  • eSports: Is pro video-gaming a sport?

    eSports, Call of Duty competition

    Rob Stothard/Getty Images

    Stadiums that once used to host soccer matches are now frequently packed to capacity with eSports fans, looking on as a new generation of heroes wields keyboard and mouse.

  • Netflix rebounds on merger rumors, Disney deal

    Netflix logo, headquarters

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Netflix's stock is up more than 15% in the past week and a half and has soared nearly 30% since hitting a 52-week low in February.

  • Americans spending most since 2009

    Spending increases

    Shutterstock/CNNMoney via CNN

    After a sluggish winter, U.S. consumer spending rose 1% in April compared to March, the best gain since August 2009, according to Commerce Department data released Tuesday.

  • Can a city switch entirely to driverless cars?


    Jamie K. White/CNN

    In 10 years, will American cities still be crippled by bumper to bumper traffic and inadequate public transportation? Or will our urban centers come up with some ingenious technological solutions -- and the funding to make them happen?

  • Chatty robot monk dispenses Buddhist wisdom

    Monk robot

    CNN/Justin Robertson

    This funny-looking, chubby robot might well be the most popular Buddhist monk in China.

    Standing two-feet (60 centimeters) tall, Xian'er is based on a cartoon character created by a Buddhist master at Beijing's Longquan Temple.

    He's already attracted ...

  • Striking Verizon workers score raise and bonuses


    WABC via CNN

    Unionized Verizon workers who had been striking since mid-April will return back to work this week after negotiating a healthy pay raise and bonus.

  • Computer failure causes delays at JFK Airport

    JFK Airport lines

    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Computer problems have caused massive delays Sunday at one of the nation's largest airports during one of the busiest travel holidays of the year.

  • Mars and Earth closest in over a decade

    Mars in space

    NASA/Getty Images

    It's a great time to get a close-up look at Mars, even if you don't have a telescope.

    The red planet is closer to Earth than it has been for 11 years: On May 30, Mars will be about 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers) from Earth. Yes, that's s...

  • ESports revolution is right here, right now



    Jens Hilgers is a geek, it's how he describes himself both in person and on the bio of his LinkedIn page -- "entrepreneur, geek, gamer, tree hugger."

  • After glitch, NASA reinflates habitat

    NASA logo


    NASA successfully inflated its first expandable space habitat Saturday and now it's almost ready for astronauts to step inside.

    Scientists fully inflated the experimental habitat called BEAM, which is attached to the International Space Station. The p...

  • Another success for SpaceX rocket

    SpaceX launch Falcon 9

    SpaceX landed one of its rockets on an offshore platform Friday, the third time in two months the private space exploration firm has made a successful landing at sea.

    The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket sent a Thai communications satellite into orbit Friday ...

  • Facebook clone launched in North Korea

    North Korean social media

    CNN Money

    If you think Facebook's gotten a little too big and you miss the intimacy of a smaller social network, maybe give North Korea's version a try.

  • Study: Women post half of misogynistic tweets

    New Twitter logo


    A new study analyzing tweets using derogatory words about women has found that half those tweets were posted by women and girls.

  • Facebook, Microsoft to build cable under ocean

    facebook sign

    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Facebook and Microsoft are working together on an unusual project. The two tech behemoths want to bury a 6,600 km cable deep under the Atlantic Ocean, stretching all the way from Virginia to Spain.

    The companies deal with a tremendous amount of data e...

  • Billions at stake in Google's battle with Oracle

    Google batte with Oracle


    A jury sided with Google in an $8.8 billion copyright case brought by Oracle.

    The jury found that Google's use of Oracle's APIs in its Android operating system was fair use. It reached the verdict after three days of deliberation in San Francisco cour...

  • Pittsburgh Steelers' new robot could prevent injuries

    Pittsburgh Steelers helmet

    Ronald Martinez Getty Images

    The newest MVP of the Pittsburgh Steelers is ... a robot.

  • U.S. using floppy disks to run nuclear program

    Floppy disks


    Want to launch a nuclear missile? You'll need a floppy disk.

  • Google's plan to kill passwords

    new Google logo


    Google is moving along quickly with its plans to kill off the traditional password.

  • Google is taking its self-driving cars to Detroit

    Google self-driving car

    Augie Martin/CNN

    Google has tested its self-driving cars in states like Nevada, Washington and Arizona. Locals near its home base in Mountain View, California, have become accustomed to seeing teeny cars that look like a koala at stoplights.

  • NASA to inflate habitat at space station

    NASA to inflate habitat


    The International Space Station is about to get a little bigger.

  • Bendable smartphone comes with a catch

    bendable smartphone

    Moxi Group/CNN

    A small Chinese startup says it's about to unveil a smartphone that can bend all the way around your wrist.

  • Doctor uses iPad to conduct surgery

    surgery with ipad


    In countries ravaged by conflict, providing international medical expertise on the ground can be almost impossible.

  • Twitter will stretch its 140-character limit

    Twitter, tweet

    Michael Cary/CNN

    Twitter says it's stretching the iconic 140-character limit on tweets, taking @names and images out of the count.


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