• Microsoft tells its contractors: Give workers paid time off

    Microsoft file

    Reuters image

    Microsoft wants its security guards, janitors and cooks to have paid time off.

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    By Ben Rooney
  • Livestream your life with this new app


    Gwen Sung

    If you haven't yet been asked by friends or co-workers to Meerkat, chances are you will soon.

  • The great tech debate: Are we in a bubble or not?

    Uber, car taxi service app

    John R. Coughlin/CNN

    Y Combinator's Sam Altman is just the latest to sound off on what he thinks of that question: Is there, or isn't there, a tech bubble?

  • 7 big changes coming to Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook Communications

    Get ready for more big changes to Facebook.

    The social media company announced several new products and features that will launch on its platform soon -- all are designed to make it easier for you to communicate with people and businesses.

    Facebook C...

  • Google could soon let you pay bills in Gmail


    Courtesy Google

    Google is working on a secret project to let users pay bills directly through its email service Gmail, according to tech news site Re/code.

  • NASA's Opportunity rover finishes Martian marathon

    Mars rover Opportunity heat shield impact site

    SSPL/Getty Images

    It certainly won't be troubling any earth-based runners' personal bests, but NASA's long-serving Mars rover Opportunity set a significant benchmark Tuesday as it clocked in 26.219 miles (42 kilometers) -- the first-ever Martian marathon.

    It might hav...

  • Wall Street's most powerful woman jumps to Google

    Ruth Porat

    Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Wall Street just lost its brightest female star to Silicon Valley.

  • NFL to give live-streaming a try out this fall

    NFL logo on goal post

    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    If you want to watch the Buffalo Bills play the Jacksonville Jaguars this fall, you're going to need a decent Internet connection.

  • Google Fiber heading to Salt lake City



    Google Fiber is heading to Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Instagram adds app just for collages

    Instagram layout example

    From Instagram

    The problem with Instagram is that you can only post one cat photo at a time. For people with multiple cats, this creates a bit of a problem. They don't want to play favorites, but it's also bad form to clutter friends' feeds with too many posts.


  • 6 things about Steve Jobs from new book

    Steve Jobs

    Jeff King/CNN

    "Becoming Steve Jobs," a new biography of the late Apple CEO, goes on sale Tuesday.

    The book, by Brent Schlender & Rick Tetzeli, is being billed as a comprehensive portrait of one of the most famous CEOs in history.

    Apple executives have praised the ...

  • Comcast to take more complaints via Facebook and Twitter


    Comcast is bulking up its presence on Twitter and Facebook as it tries to repair the damage done by a string of very public customer service catastrophes.

  • Self-driving car starts cross-country trip, stops for lunch

    Auto parts maker Delphi equipped an Audi SQ5 to drive itself

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Apparently even driverless cars need to stop for lunch.

  • #happybirthday: Twitter celebrates nine years

    TWITTER LOGO generic


    What on Earth did we do with ourselves before Twitter? It may be a challenge to remember, as the social media giant celebrates its ninth anniversary.

    This is where it all began, when co-founder Jack Dorsey got the ball rolling with his first "Twttr" ...

  • Google abused its monopoly power, FTC experts found

    Sign at Google campus

    Jim Castel/CNN

    Google abused its monopoly power in ways that harmed Internet users and competitors. That was the conclusion drawn by experts at a federal regulatory agency back in 2012, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    Google, however, avoided a massive antitru...

  • Can reality TV help tech's diversity problem?

    TV remote, television


    Tech has a diversity issue. Can a reality show help remedy that?

  • No charges against White House drone flyer

    White House drone

    U.S. Secret Service/Brian Leary

    The U.S. Attorney's office for the District of Columbia will not pursue charges against the man who flew a drone onto the White House grounds in January, according to a government official.

  • Facebook gets sued for gender discrimination

    Facebook banner on computer

    iStock Image

    Another major Silicon Valley company is the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit. This time, it's Facebook.

    Chia Hong is suing her former employer for sex and race discrimination. She says that during her three years at Facebook, her boss Anil Wils...

  • You can now send cash via Facebook

    Facebook on laptop

    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    Emoticons are nice, but cash is better. In addition to texts, photos and stickers, you can now send money directly to your friends over Facebook Messenger, the company announced Tuesday.

    The new feature should be easy to use. To send money, users just...

  • Premera health insurance hack hits 11 million

    Premera logo


    A large American insurer said Tuesday that hackers broke into its computer systems last year, exposing the data of 11 million people.

    Premera Blue Cross, based in the Pacific Northwest, said hackers "may have" accessed millions of health profiles that...

  • The science behind your ponytail

    science of ponytail

    Larry Busacca/Getty Images

    At first Raymond Goldstein thought he'd received a spam email.

  • Contact lens comes with built-in telescope

    Contact lens


    Lights, mirrors, action! Scientists are developing smart contact lenses embedded with miniscule mirrors that can magnify your vision by almost three times.

  • Internet Explorer just won't die

    IE death

    G. Sung/CNNMoney

    Like cockroaches or Tim Tebow's NFL career, Microsoft's Internet Explorer just won't die.

    Microsoft made it official this week that the standard web browser to ship with Windows 10 will not be Internet Explorer (sigh of relief). It will not only have ...

  • BuzzFeed wants to expand its content empire

    BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti

    Richard Mcblane/Getty Images for SXSW

    BuzzFeed is hoping to expand its empire by publishing the website's signature viral content to new platforms.

    "The way that BuzzFeed expands into a global media company is to not just be a site," BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said during a keynote at the...

  • Ex-NSA director: China has hacked 'every major corporation' in U.S.

    Hacking server room

    Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

    The Chinese government -- seeking to steal valuable secrets -- has hacked into the computers at every major American company, according to the nation's former spy director.

    Mike McConnell, who served as director of national intelligence under Presiden...


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