• Boeing, Space X to launch NASA back into space

    NASA astronaut with Boeing capsule

    REUTERS/NASA/Handout via Reuters

    Boeing and SpaceX have been awarded contracts to become NASA's space taxis, shuttling astronauts to and from the International Space Station, the agency announced Tuesday.

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    By Ben Rooney
  • What counts as a 'real name' on Facebook?

    Facebook on phone

    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    A Facebook policy that asks users to provide real names on profiles has people from all walks of life worrying their accounts might be in jeopardy.

  • Join social media's 'country club' for $9,000

    Hands on keyboard

    William Armsby/CNN

    Would you enjoy social media more without all those pesky 99-percenters complaining about their mortgage payments and high cable bills?

  • Windows 9 is coming Sept. 30

    Windows 8 Preview


    Windows 9 is coming.

  • Apple offers a way to 'return' free U2 album

    Apple free U2 album

    REUTERS/Stephen Lam

    Apple learned an important lesson this week: Not everyone likes U2. And even those who do really don't like it when you put music in their libraries without asking.

  • Apple sold 4M iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in first day

    iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus


    Apparently, a lot of people want the iPhone 6. Apple sold a record 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones on Friday, the first day that the new iGadgets were available for pre-order, the company said Monday.

  • Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion



    Microsoft is expanding its video game empire, buying the wildly popular Minecraft and the tiny production studio that designed it for $2.5 billion.

    With Minecraft, Microsoft will be acquiring one of the most popular games ever. Minecraft has been down...

  • Golfer wins space trip after bagging hole-in-one

    Earth in space

    bruno sersocima/SXC

    After a hole-in-one at the KLM Open in Amsterdam, golfer Andy Sullivan has won a prize that is truly out of this world.

    The Englishman, who found the cup with his tee shot on the 15th hole, bagged himself a flight into space courtesy of a Dutch aerosp...

  • China tests sidewalk lanes for phone users

    Cellphone Customers Jump Companies

    CNN Image

    Tired of bumping into people glued to their phones? One Chinese city thinks it has the answer: It has divided a sidewalk on one of its busiest streets into two lanes -- one for cellphone users and the other for those without.

  • Big solar storm hitting Earth

    Solar flare


    Youvathana Sok looked up and saw more than just stars in the crisp, clear Maine night sky.

    A colorful, spectacular showing of the aurora borealis greeted Sok, a CNN iReporter, and others at Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National park on Friday.

    Greens an...

  • Will the Apple Watch be fashionable?

    Apple Watch series


    Ariel Adams loves watches.

    He owns more than a hundred of them, sometimes changing into a different watch multiple times a day. He has even turned his horological passion into a full-time job reviewing watches.

  • IPhone 6 pre-orders crash Apple Store

    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

    From Apple

    The iPhone 6 became available for pre-order on Apple's online store Friday morning -- though "available" is a relative term. Eager customers encountered lengthy delays, and others couldn't even access the website.

  • Apple's Tim Cook on TV, Steve Jobs, iPhone 6

    Tim Cook


    In an in-depth interview with Charlie Rose taped on Friday, the Apple CEO said the current television experience is "stuck back in the 70s," but he didn't say when Apple might try to take TV into the future.

  • Yelp without fear, says new California law



    Ready to rip apart that dirty restaurant with the rude service, strange-looking patty melts and lukewarm coffee? California lawmakers want to make sure you don't get in financial, or legal, trouble because of it.

  • Mars rover reaches mountain; 'new science ahead!'

    Mars Curiosity Rover reaches base layer of Mount Sharp

    NASA/Mars Curiosity Rover

    After roving across more than five miles of the Red Planet's sometimes rough terrain, NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has reached its primary destination: the base of a Martian mountain in the middle of a vast, deep crater.

  • Facebook tests disappearing posts


    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    If you want to use Facebook a little more like Snapchat, you might soon get your chance.

  • T-Mobile offers free cell spots to customers



    T-Mobile wants to beef up its cell coverage by thinking small and piggybacking on your Internet service.

  • 5 million Gmail passwords leaked


    Courtesy Google

    A list of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords appeared on a Russian Bitcoin forum Wednesday

  • Apple's plan to change how you pay for everything

    Apple Pay

    From Apple

    Get ready to leave your wallet at home and pay for everything with your iPhone 6.

  • Is the Apple Watch a game changer?

    Apple Watch

    From Apple

    The long-anticipated Apple smartwatch became a reality this week when the tech giant unveiled its entry into the growing wearable-tech field.

  • Which carrier has the best deal for the iPhone 6?

    iPhone 6, 6 Plus


    Apple has just unveiled its brand-spankin'-new iPhone 6, and mobile carriers are practically falling over one another in a fight for your business.

  • Apple just got its mojo back

    Tim Cook with iPhone 6 Apple Watch

    Stephen Lam/Reuters

    Tim Cook & Co. brought their A-Game to Apple's launch event on Tuesday, putting on one of the most impressive presentations in the company's illustrious history.

  • Hands-on with the new Apple Watch

    Apple Watch series


    After Tuesday's unveiling of two new iPhones and a heavily anticipated smartwatch, Apple gave press and special guests (including models, fashion bloggers and Gwen Stefani) some supervised hands-on time with the gadgets.

  • Verizon offers iPhone 6 for free

    iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus


    The iPhone 6 hasn't even been released yet, but there's already a way to get it for free.

  • Who is buying your personal information?

    Who is buying your personal info

    T. Baker/CNNMoney/Shutterstock

    What do political candidates, debt collectors, insurers and thieves have in common? They are all buying your most personal information from data brokers. Here's what they are using it for.


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