• AT&T strikes deal with Netflix to boost streaming speeds

    New Netflix logo


    Netflix is paying up once again to boost lagging streaming speeds.

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    By James O'Toole
  • Digital Duomo: Florence by smartphone


    Donald Strachan/CNN

    Is it possible to survive in Florence, Italy, and see it properly armed just a smartphone?

  • Facebook: Get Messenger or else

    Facebook on phone

    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    For mobile users who text with friends via Facebook, it's almost time to download the social-media giant's dedicated app for doing so, or lose the ability.

  • Amazon launches 3-D printing store

    Amazon 3-D printing store

    From Amazon

    The future of retail: manufactured by a 3-D printer, delivered by drone.

  • Gadget tests your drink for 'date rape' drugs


    From Pd.id

    "Date rape" drugs have met their high-tech match. A new electronic device and mobile app called pd.id (Personal Drink ID), aims to help prevent sexual assaults that occur after a victim has been unknowingly drugged.

  • Water balloon lovers pledge $645,000 on Kickstarter

    Bunch o Balloons kickstarter


    It's summertime and water balloon lovers are uniting ... on Kickstarter.

    Bunch o Balloons -- a hose attachment that allows multiple balloons to be filled at once -- raised over $645,000 on the crowdfunding platform in a week, far exceeding its goal of...

  • Scientists find 101 geysers on a Saturn moon

    Saturn moon geysers


    On the surface of one of Saturn's icy moons, scientists have discovered the possible existence of a very important, life-sustaining element: liquid water.

    NASA scientists announced Monday the identification of 101 distinct geysers erupting on Saturn's...

  • OkCupid set up bad dates in 'an experiment'

    Online dating

    Stewart Scott-Curran/CNN

    Facebook isn't the only social network that experiments on its users.

  • Yo backer launches new app



    Got more on your mind than the word "Yo" conveys? A new messaging app called MIRAGE has you covered.

  • BuzzFeed fires editor for plagiarizing


    Brendan McDermid/Reuters

    Confronted by charges of plagiarism, BuzzFeed on Friday fired Benny Johnson, the viral politics editor whose work often typified the website's energetic storytelling style.

  • Solar storm barely missed earth in 2012



    Two years ago, modern infrastructure came very close to a serious disruption. The culprit? One of the largest solar storms in recorded history.

  • Robot furniture that builds itself

    Robot furniture that builds itself

    Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL

    Imagine that the chair you're sitting on became a sofa on demand as the day moved from light to dark. Or if all your furnishings could move out of your way as you walk through a room. These thoughts could one day become reality through research being conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

  • US reveals secret plans for '60s moon base

    Apollo 8 earthrise photo from the Moon, 1968


    The U.S. military races to the moon to build a base -- to beat the Russians to the punch. Maybe test a nuclear weapon on the surface. Consider a lunar-based bombing system to target earthbound foes. That was the plan in the 1960s, according to declassified national security documents released this week -- some of them stamped as "SECRET."

  • Facebook at all-time high on mobile might

    Facebook mobile blurb


    It wasn't long ago that Facebook was widely seen as having a "mobile problem." Those days are gone, and investors couldn't be more pleased.

  • Only 3 in 10 Twitter workers are women


    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Twitter's staff looks just like that of other tech companies: overwhelmingly male and white. .

  • Apple sued by employees over labor issues


    David Goldman/CNNMoney.com

    Apple has another employee lawsuit to contend with.

  • Dark Mail: Email that hides from the NSA

    NSA, National Security Agency HQ, Fort Meade, Md

    NSA/Handout via Reuters

    You can run from NSA surveillance -- but you can't hide. One way or another, the U.S. government will be able to snoop on your personal conversations.

  • Is this Apple's new iWatch?

    Possible Apple iWatch

    U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

    Apple was granted a patent for a smartwatch Tuesday, lending credence to rumors that the company will unveil a new "iWatch" this fall.

  • Verizon's offer: Let us track you, get free stuff

    Verizon Wireless

    Rich Brooks/CNN

    Are you comfortable having your location and Web browsing tracked for marketing purposes? If so, Verizon's got a deal for you.

  • Israeli tech talent tapped to fight in Gaza

    West Bank, Gaza


    When Israeli soldiers wrap up their three years of mandatory service, many go on to launch tech startups.

  • You're not cool enough for Facebook's newest app

    Facebook Mentions

    Courtesy Facebook

    Call it Facebook for the famous. Facebook has unveiled a new standalone app called "Mentions," which is designed to help famous people manage their presences on the site.

  • Google to speed up Web with smaller photos

    Google to speed up Web with smaller photos

    Dana Lipnickas/CNNMoney

    Giant photos are slowing the Web down. Google has a plan to make your pages load faster.

  • How a teen turned online abuse around

    Jada sex abuse victim


    Jada, a Houston-area 16-year-old, was getting ready for finals week and looking forward to a summer hanging out with friends and finding a job.

    On June 1, she went to a friend of a friend's house party. She recalls little of what went on that evening...

  • Facebook tests new function: If you Like it, Buy it

    Facebook graphic illustration

    Thomas Hodel / Reuters

    Facebook is looking for some new fans: It wants to help small business owners up their ecommerce game.

    The social media giant announced Thursday that it's testing a new Buy button feature with "a few" small and medium-sized businesses across the count...

  • Netflix partner says Verizon slows traffic

    Netflix on iPhone


    The battle over Netflix streaming speeds is still raging.

    Level 3, a firm Netflix and others pay to deliver traffic to Internet service providers, joined the fray Thursday, accusing Verizon of refusing to upgrade its infrastructure to boost lagging s...


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