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  • FAA says 'no' to drones at Super Bowl



    Headed to the Super Bowl this weekend? Bring your money, foam finger and tickets -- heck, even bring your face paint -- but please leave your drone at home.

    At least that's what the Federal Aviation Administration wants.

    The FAA released a 15-second vi...

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    By Doug Criss CNN
  • Bill Gates reveals his only regret

    Bill Gates, Microsoft

    B Mathur/Reuters

    Bill Gates has made his mark on the world. So what does he regret?

  • 74.5 million iPhones is ...


    Brendan McDermid/Reuters

    Apple had a record-setting quarter during the last three months of 2014, posting the biggest corporate profit for any company in history.

  • Facebook, Instagram go down, get back up


    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    For about an hour this morning, humans across the world were briefly forced to interact with each other in person.

  • Brooklyn boy's viral image pays tribute to principal

    Users give in to Facebook fatigue

    It took about 45 minutes for an online campaign to raise $100,000 this week, the start of an initiative that has grown beyond its original goal of funding a class trip to Harvard.

  • Apple just posted the best quarter in corporate history

    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

    From Apple

    Apple posted the biggest profit in corporate history last quarter after selling a record number of iPhones.

    Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the last three months. That helped Apple's profit soar more than 37% to $18 billion. That's larger than Gazp...

  • The world's most Wi-Fi-connected airlines

    Airplane seats, airline, flight

    iStock / mikdam

    Remember the days when flying long distance meant at least nine guaranteed hours offline?

  • Microsoft sales soar for all its non-Windows products



    Microsoft sales are growing for just about every product it makes ... except for Windows.

    A couple years ago, that would have caused a panic -- Windows has been Microsoft's cash cow since 1985. In 2015, Microsoft isn't sweating it too much. Microsoft ...

  • Uber to limit price surges during blizzard

    Boise Uber

    KIVI, Uber

    Uber is putting a lid on fares as the blizzard.

    The taxi app normally lets prices surge when demand is heavy -- like when public transportation grinds to a halt and driving is hazardous because of a storm.

    During this storm, Uber will instead aim to k...

  • To avoid Sony's fate, companies play war games

    Sony headquarters

    Koji Watanabe/Getty Images

    Shall we play a game?

  • Close encounter with Pluto getting under way


    REUTERS/NASA, ESA, and M. Buie

    NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is closing in on Pluto and its five moons. Soon we will see what no one has ever seen before: Crisp, clear pictures of the tiny, icy world.

  • Sony: Hack so bad, our computers still don't work

    Sony awning

    Karin Caifa/CNN

    Sony has been forced to delay its third quarter earnings report as the company struggles to repair computer systems that were damaged in a cyberattack tied to the release of "The Interview."

    Sony is asking regulators to push its official filing date b...

  • AT&T texts can be faked to hack you

    AT&T graphic

    There's a problem with the way AT&T sends out customer alerts via text message: They're too easy to mimic.

  • New app ranks risk your flight will crash

    airplane wing, travel, flight

    If you're flying on a Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on any given day, there's a one in 4,068,434 chance that your plane will crash.

  • Big asteroid to fly by Earth Monday

    Asteroid to miss Earth


    A big asteroid will fly by Earth on Monday, but NASA says don't worry -- we'll be safe.

  • Study: Smarter people use iPhones

    iPhone 5C on diplay

    Augie Martin/CNN

    Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You're probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you.

  • NBC launches Tumblr for Super Bowl ads

    tumblr nbc screenshot

    Are you more a fan of the Super Bowl's ads than the game itself? If so, NBC has a site for you.

  • Senate emails back up after 'network outage'

    Computer network generic

    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    The "network outage" the U.S. Senate faced on Wednesday that brought down emails and websites was largely resolved by Thursday morning, according to the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms.

    The roughly 12-hour outage came after a "network router experienced a har...

  • Big layoffs planned at eBay


    From eBay

    Big layoffs are coming to eBay. The company is planning to slash 2,400 workers across the eBay and PayPal parts of the business. The cuts will impact 7% of the workforce.

  • Microsoft to unveil Windows 10

    Microsoft Windows 10


    Microsoft has lifted the curtain much higher on Windows 10, showing off a whole slew of new features that will be coming to PCs and phones later this year.

    At its Redmond, Washington, headquarters on Wednesday, Microsoft detailed how its new operating...

  • Obama's #SOTU press strategy: all of the above

    Obama tan suit

    The White House/Twitter

    A policy proposal announced on Facebook. A "behind the scenes" YouTube video. A copy of the speech on Medium before it even started on TV.

    For this year's State of the Union, White House press strategists tried a whole raft of new promotional techniqu...

  • NBC to offer free online streaming of Super Bowl

    Football laces generic

    NBC will allow viewers to watch 11 hours of Super Bowl coverage online for free, including the game and halftime show.

  • 11 social media moments at State of the Union

    Ernest Moniz


    And they say people are disengaged from politics.

    You wouldn't know it from the Twitter traffic during the State of the Union. The folks at the microblogging site said more than 2.6 million tweets were sent around the world with the hashtag #SOTU.

    It ...

  • SpaceX gets $1 billion from Google and Fidelity

    SpaceX Dragon at ISS


    Elon Musk's SpaceX just got $1 billion from Google and Fidelity.

    Google and Fidelity will collectively own just under 10 percent of the company. SpaceX announced the latest round of funding on Tuesday.

    The money will be used to further the work SpaceX is doi...

  • NASA gets new images of dwarf planet Ceres



    NASA released new images Monday of the dwarf planet Ceres that hint at crater-like structures on the surface.

    The images of Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, were taken by the Dawn spacecraft from a distance of 2...


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