• Before the iWatch there was...

    Gear 2 smartwatch

    Courtesy Samsung

    After years hovering in the vapor, little more than a dream for Apple fanatics everywhere, the elusive iWatch may be days away from becoming a reality. But it will hardly be the first smartwatch to hit the market.

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    By Doug Gross CNN
  • Cybersecurity stocks pop. Thank the hackers

    Computer user with mouse and keyboard

    iStock / DOConnell

    Call it the "Jennifer Lawrence stock rally".

  • Naked celeb hack lesson: 'Delete' doesn't mean delete

    Photos to the cloud


    The naked photo you took on your phone -- and deleted -- is still around, somewhere. That's the reality today because of how modern phones, tablets and laptops save your data. By default, photos and documents don't reside on your device alone.

  • Can levitating appliances be far off?

    Magnetic levitation lamp

    From Crealev

    Ger Jansen is puzzling about how to fit a windshield. His problem is not installing it in a car, but hanging the glass in thin air and keeping it hovering for a prolonged display.

    This is a fairly typical challenge for the Dutch engineer, who along w...

  • Mercedes asks Twitter to solve driver rivalry


    Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

    Mercedes' Formula One team is facing a million dollar question -- and it has decided to ask the audience.

  • Slow Comcast speeds were costing Netflix customers

    Netflix 2


    Why did Netflix pay Comcast to stream its videos faster? Because Netflix was losing customers.

  • Google reveals secret drone delivery tests

    Google Project Wing

    From Google

    Amazon is trying it. UPS has considered it. Ice fishermen in Minnesota used it to get beer. Yelp created one just for burritos. Google is the latest company to branch out into delivery by drone, it revealed Thursday.

  • 8 must-have travel apps

    Holiday apps

    CNN image

    Whether you've got wanderlust or an airline grievance, here are some apps to pack onto your phone.

  • Massive bank hack: What you need to know


    John R. Coughlin/CNNMoney.com

    Hackers have managed to break into seven of the top 15 banks. Here's what you need to know.

  • Apple sets event for Sept. 9


    David Goldman/CNNMoney.com

    Apple has set Sept. 9 as the date for a big announcement.

  • For Apple, will bigger be better?

    Apple iPad Air

    Robert Galbraith/Reuters

    After ceding the smartphone and tablet size war to competitors like Samsung for the past few years, it appears Apple had finally decided that bigger is better.

  • FBI investigating hacking attack on JPMorgan

    JPMorgan 2

    Emmanuel Tambakakis/CNN

    The FBI is investigating hacking attacks on multiple American banks, including one against JPMorgan Chase that caused a data breach, according to a U.S. official familiar with the probe.

  • Solar system surrounded by a big gas bubble

    Solar system NASA graphic


    Ever feel like you live in a bubble?

    You do. We all do.

    Our whole solar system appears to, say space scientists, who published work last month corroborating its existence.

    And, oh, what a bubble it is: About 300 light years long (about 1,764,000,000,00...

  • Time Warner Cable comes back from nationwide Internet outage

    Time Warner Cable

    Courtesy Time Warner Cable

    Time Warner Cable, one of the nation's largest cable and broadband providers, suffered an unusual nationwide Internet outage early Wednesday morning, sparking new complaints about the company's service.

  • Apple may unveil iWatch on September 9 -- report

    Apple store in mall

    John Gress/Reuters

    Tick-tock! Clear up some space on your wrist. It might finally be iWatch time on September 9.

    Influential tech new site Re/code reported Wednesday that Apple may unveil a wearable device next month at the same event where it is expected to debut the ...

  • TiVo goes after cord-cutters with new device

    Roamio TiVo


    Did you cut your cable but miss recording your favorite shows? TiVo might have the answer.

  • HP recalls 6 million computer cords for fire risk

    HP recalls computer cords

    Consumer Product Safety Commission

    HP is warning customers: Check your laptop charging cord to see if it's at risk of overheating.

  • Instagram releases new time-lapse app

    Instagram time lapse feature

    From Instagram

    Instagram is letting iPhone users ditch the tripods and take time-lapse videos on the go with its new app, Hyperlapse.

  • Sensors let seniors stay at home, safely

    Woman with Alzheimers

    REUTERS/Nacho Doce

    Mary Lou doesn't know that she's being tracked. The 77-year-old is in the middle stages of Alzheimer's and though she lives on her own, her family keeps close tabs on her.

  • Don't wait! Trade in your old iPhone now

    iPhone 5C on diplay

    Augie Martin/CNN

    Eagerly awaiting the new iPhone? Then sell your old one now.

  • Facebook to display less "click-bait"

    Facebook home page

    Ferre Dollar/CNN

    In a move that will have repercussions for a wide array of media companies, Facebook is changing its all-important algorithms to discourage what it calls "click-baiting headlines."

  • UK sorry for marking 200 years since WH burned

    Burning of the White House

    Library of Congress

    Who knew the War of 1812 could inflame passions in the age of Twitter? The British Embassy in Washington has apologized after tweeting a photo marking the 200th anniversary of British troops burning the White House on Aug. 24, 1814, during the War of 1812.

  • Apple recalls some iPhone 5 devices for battery woes

    iPhone 5

    From Apple

    Having trouble with your iPhone 5 battery? You might be eligible for a free replacement.

  • NASA: Voyager 2 previews Pluto mission

    NASA logo


    NASA's New Horizons explorer is hurtling through space on its way to the outermost reaches of the solar system for a rendezvous with the small, icy "dwarf planet" of Pluto and its five moons.

    It's a staggering decade-long, 3 billion mile journey that...

  • Hackers attack Sony PlayStation Network

    Sony Playstation 3 controller

    Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

    A group of hackers calling themselves "Lizard Squad" has taken down several popular online video game networks and possibly diverted an American Airlines jet carrying a Sony executive.


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