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Man taken into custody in neighborhood near Vista Chino and Landau

Police have taken a man into custody after a stand-off at a home in Cathedral City.

  • Michaels hack hit 3 million customers

    Michaels crafts

    REUTERS/Sam Hodgson

    A security breach at Michaels Stores lasted eight months and affected about 3 million customers, the company said Thursday.

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    By Katie Lobosco
  • NASA: Earth-sized planet may sustain life

    Kepler 186f planet


    It's like finding a needle in a universe-wide haystack. Researchers have located a planet roughly the size of Earth that could be habitable.

    Designated Kepler-186f, the planet is 490 light-years away. But in the search for worlds similar to ours, noth...

  • Facebook launches friend-tracking feature

    Nearby Friends on Facebook


    Your phone always knows where you are. And now, if you want, your Facebook friends will always know where you are, too.

  • 3-D printing the human body

    3-D ear

    Lindsay France/Cornell University

    The 21st century has seen the growth of 3-D printing, with well-known applications in architecture, manufacturing, engineering, and now increasingly in medicine.

  • Americans wary of futuristic science, tech

    Google Glass touring New York

    Americans are generally excited about the new technology they expect to see in their lifetimes. But when confronted with some advances that already appear possible -- from skies filled with drones to meat made in a lab -- they get nervous.

  • Ousted Yahoo exec gets $58 million golden parachute

    Yahoo headquarters

    Jim Castel/CNN

    Former chief operating officer Henrique de Castro left Yahoo with a severance package worth $58 million, according to a regulatory document filed Wednesday with the SEC.

    The golden parachute is among the most generous in history, and especially notabl...

  • Google's future phone: The customizable Ara

    Google modular Ara phone


    Google is jumping into its next futuristic hardware project. This time it's a modular smartphone dubbed Project Ara that can be customized by swapping out individual pieces of hardware.

  • US Airways won't fire worker who sent lewd tweet

    US Airways tweet

    @USAirways/From Twitter

    The US Airways employee responsible for sending out a pornographic tweet Monday will not be fired, the company said, because it was a mistake.

  • 'Kill switch' coming to U.S. phones in 2015

    Texting, using cellphone, smartphone


    The "kill switch," a system for remotely disabling smartphones and wiping their data, will become standard in 2015, according to a pledge backed by most of the mobile world's major players.

  • Canadians arrest a Heartbleed hacker

    Heartbleed security flaw


    Canadian mounties have arrested a teenager who, they say, used the Heartbleed Internet bug to hack into the country's tax agency.

  • Facebook to require Messenger app

    Facebook home page

    Ferre Dollar/CNN

    Mobile users who have gotten used to chatting with their friends via Facebook will soon have to make sure they've downloaded the social-media giant's app designed specifically for that.

  • Solar plane set to circle globe

    Solar Impulse 2

    Jean Revillard/Solar Impulse

    Their CVs combined look like the envy of all bona fide air adventurers. Pioneering ultralight aircraft? Been there. Setting world records by circling the globe nonstop in a balloon? Done that. Commanding the first ever 24-hour flight on a plane power...

  • Google Glass targeted as symbol by anti-tech crowd

    Google Glass

    Jim Castel/CNN

    Glass, Google's high-profile entry into the world of wearable tech, may help launch a revolution if it's released later this year as expected. But test models already on the street have begun playing a more unlikely role -- as symbols in a simmering fight over Silicon Valley's impact on the city of San Francisco.

  • US Airways says lewd tweet was a mistake

    US Airways tweet

    @USAirways/From Twitter

    It's not the first corporate Twitter blunder, but it might be one of the most obscene.

  • Netflix speeds surge for Comcast users

    Netflix 2

    Netflix's connection deal with Comcast is paying off. Streaming speeds for Comcast users jumped nearly 50% last month after Netflix reluctantly agreed to pay up for a direct connection to Comcast's network.

  • Carpenter who cut off fingers makes 'Robohand' with printer


    Courtesy of Robohand

    "I was in a position to see exactly what happens in the human hand. I got the basics of what it's all about and thought yeah, I'll make my own."

  • IRS: File your taxes now, ignore Heartbleed bug

    Taxes, tax forms

    Millions of people are filing their taxes just as governments grapple with Heartbleed, the worst privacy-killing Internet bug ever.

  • Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace

    Drone carrying camera

    Mariana Bazo/Reuters

    Get ready for Google drones.

    The technology company announced Monday that it has acquired Titan Aerospace, a start-up founded in 2012 that makes high-altitude, solar-powered drones.

    The purchase is part of the new push in Silicon Valley to find ways o...

  • How Mark Zuckerberg courts companies

    Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

    Robert Galbraith/Reuters

    Mark Zuckerberg has an efficient way of courting companies he wants to acquire.

    The founder, who has been on a billion dollar buying spree, moves fast when he's crushing. His signature move: dinner at the Zuckerbergs, followed by a weekend lockdown, c...

  • 'Elder Scrolls' fans vs. 'Game of Thrones' fans?

    Elder Scrolls

    Bethesda Game Studios

    Fans of fantasy franchises like "Game of Thrones" are famously devoted -- some might say fanatical.

    Whether making an appointment with their television, staking out a bookstore, or lining up hours before a movie release, people who love diving into w...

  • Aviation geeks set on solving plane mystery

    Malaysia Airlines

    Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

    Have you ever been in a heated debate with someone and said this?

  • Samsung Galaxy S5: Just a slight upgrade

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    From Samsung

    Samsung's biggest challenge isn't deciding what to add to its new smartphones, but figuring out what to leave off.

  • Heartbleed bug affects gadgets everywhere

    Heartbleed security flaw


    The Internet bug Heartbleed doesn't just affect websites. It also has shown up in the gadgets we use to connect to the Internet.

  • Listen for a ping: Water plays tricks on you

    Search continues for MH370 Fri Apr 11

    REUTERS/Richard Wainwright/Pool

    Put an ear to the ocean and listen carefully, but beware. The water may play tricks on you.

    Are you sure you heard a ping from a black box, and if so, where did it coming from?

    If you're searching for a locator pinger from missing Malaysia Airlines Fli...

  • Heartbleed bug: What you need to know

    Heartbleed security flaw


    Security researchers have uncovered a fatal flaw in a key safety feature for surfing the Web -- the one that keeps your email, banking, shopping, passwords and communications private.

    Here's what you need to know.

    What is it?

    It's called the Heartbleed ...


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