• Target will sell the Apple Watch

    Apple Watch

    Stephen Lam/Getty

    Target will soon start stocking the Apple Watch.

    The retail chain will roll out the Apple Watch at its 1,800 U.S. stores over the next few weeks, and all locations are expected to get it by October 25.

    Online orders at Target.com will start on October...

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    By Jackie Wattles
  • Pictures of supermoon eclipse are in

    supermoon main

    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    The sun, the Earth and the moon lined up in a row to put on a light show in Sunday's night sky, and people around the world looked up to watch the lunar eclipse.

    It was a special one for at least two reasons.

    First, this moon was a supermoon. It happe...

  • LinkedIn to pay $13 million for unwanted emails, lawyers could get $3.3 million

    Linked in headquarters

    Justin Sullivan Getty Images

    LinkedIn agreed to pay $13 million to settle a lawsuit from members who complained that unwanted emails were sent out on their behalf.

  • A vigilante hacker is changing 10,000 WiFi passwords

    wifi passwords

    Gwen Sung/CNNMoney/Shutterstock

    Someone is hacking unprotected WiFi routers everywhere -- and forcing them to be on guard.

  • Google will become Alphabet today

    Google headquarters sign

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Google said that its long-awaited -- and complicated -- restructuring will happen at the end of the day on Friday.

  • Why people fall for the biggest hoax on Facebook


    Ferre Dollar/CNN

    You've probably seen it in your News Feed.

  • Tinder adds Super Like option

    Tinder fuzzy

    From Tinder/CNN

    As any sixth grader can tell you, sometimes you like someone, and sometimes you like like them.

    Dating app Tinder is adding a new way to show interest in potential dates. It's called a Super Like. Swipe up on a person's Tinder profile to indicate tha...

  • Trump hotels hacked, credit card data at risk

    Trump berates Rubio

    Hackers snuck a computer virus into Trump hotels across the United States and Canada, potentially stealing customer credit card data for an entire year.

  • Facebook rolls out video profile pictures

    Facebook phone

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Lights, camera, action. Get ready to get more creative with your Facebook profile picture.

    The company started rolling out several changes to the way mobile profile pages look on Wednesday.

    Why? Facebook wants to give you as many ways to "express who...

  • Everything we know so far about the Apple Car

    iPhone platform in car

    Courtesy of Apple

    There's plenty of evidence that Apple is working on something car-related, even if Apple hasn't said anything publicly about it yet.

    Since Apple is being typically tight-lipped about the project ( it declined to comment on "rumors and speculation"), i...

  • Why your cat needs an iPad

    cat playing digital game

    FroliCat via CNN

    The old ball of yarn isn't cutting it anymore when it comes to cat toys.

  • U.S. pulls spies from China after hack

    Keyboard, password, computer


    The United States is pulling spies from China as a result of a cyberattack that compromised the personal data of 21.5 million government workers, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

    The U.S. suspects that Chinese hackers were behind the breach at the U.S. O...

  • Tesla delivers the first Model X SUVs

    Tesla doors

    KRON via CNN

    The first Tesla Model X SUVs have been delivered to six lucky customers.

    Elon Musk handed over the keys Tuesday during an event near the automaker's factory in northern California. The CEO said that the new all-electric SUV has so many new features, t...

  • NSA leaker Edward Snowden joins Twitter

    Snowden snapshot

    Human Rights Watch

    Edward Snowden, the former government contractor who leaked thousands of classified NSA documents, has officially joined Twitter.

    "Can you hear me now?" Snowden tweeted at noon ET, 7 pm Moscow time.

    Snowden's Twitter profile bears the blue check mark, ...

  • US slams Europe over Facebook privacy controversy

    Facebook Twitter apps on mobile phone


    The U.S. has backed Facebook in its battle against the European Union, accusing Europe's top court of making "inaccurate assertions" about America's intelligence services.

  • Facebook hoax makes the rounds again

    Facebook graphic illustration

    John Sanders/CNN

    Stop me if you've heard this before.

  • Some Facebook users suffer through site outage

    Facebook graphic illustration

    John Sanders/CNN

    Facebook was inaccessible for some users Monday afternoon, CNBC reported, the social media site's second outage in less than a week.

  • Apple sells record 13 million new iPhones

    iPhone 6S and 6S plus

    Apple via CNN

    It was a good weekend for Apple. The company said that it has sold a whopping 13 million new iPhones.

    This record number includes iPhone sales from pre-orders and in-store sales from this past weekend. Last year, Apple sold 10 million units, including...

  • Rare supermoon eclipse brings celestial wonder, awe

    supermoon for story

    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    On Sunday night and early Monday morning, much of the Earth witnessed a glorious heavenly event.

  • India's Modi set to meet with Zuckerburg

    Indian PM Narendra Modi


    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said social media changed his life.

    Visiting Silicon Valley this weekend, Modi sat down Sunday with Mark Zuckerberg at a townhall-style meeting at Facebook's headquarters.

    Modi, who has 15.2 million Twitter follower...

  • Mark Zuckerberg: Internet access can eradicate extreme poverty

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Jim Castel/CNN

    The key to ending extreme poverty? Internet access, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

    The Facebook CEO called for greater global Internet access on Saturday during a speech at the United Nations.

    "When communities are connected, we can lift them out of pov...

  • Experts warn of Facebook 'dislike' button scam

    Facebook page

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Experts are warning social media users to watch out for scams involving a Facebook "dislike" button, CBS and ABC News reported.

  • A look on the inside: iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6s on display

    Ken Ishii/Getty Images

    On the surface, the new iPhone 6S looks pretty much like it's predecessor. But you know what they say: It's what's on the inside that matters.

  • IPhone 6S: A lively, speedy upgrade

    iPhone 6S

    Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

    Hold on to your hats because what I'm about to say might shock you: The new iPhone is better than the old iPhone.

  • You can now watch Netflix on a virtual reality headset

    Netflix in Virtual Reality

    Samsung via CNN

    You can now watch Netflix shows like "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" on the Samsung Gear VR -- an Oculus virtual reality headset.


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