• Partial solar eclipse happened Thursday

    Partial solar eclipse

    REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

    Maybe your mother told you it's not polite to stare.

    It wasn't safe either, NASA said, for those who looked at Thursday's partial solar eclipse.

    "Don't stare," NASA said. "Even at maximum eclipse, a sliver of sun peeking out from behind the Moon can s...

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    By Ben Brumfield CNN
  • Paul Allen pledges $100 million to fight Ebola

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

    Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, has increased his commitment in the fight against Ebola to $100 million on Thursday.

  • Obese dummies key to preventing road deaths?

    Obese crash test dummy

    Courtesy Humanetics

    Car safety testing has come a long way since the days of dropping cadavers down unused elevator shafts in the 1930s.

  • Zuckerberg, in Chinese Q&A, says Facebook has '11 mobile users'

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook Communications

    To thunderous applause and astonishment from the Chinese audience, Mark Zuckerberg gave a 30-minute Q&A session at Beijing's Tsinghua University -- completely in Mandarin. So how did the Facebook CEO do? Well, he certainly gets an "A" for effort.

  • Google unveils Inbox, a new app to fix email


    Kacy Belew/CNNMoney

    How do you solve a problem like email? Google's Gmail team thinks it knows how: with a new app called Inbox.

  • Survey: 40% of Web users have been harassed

    Woman using computer, laptop

    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    For the past 25 years, the Web has opened up unprecedented possibilities for human communication. But it has a dark side too -- sometimes, a very dark one.

  • Apple Pay is double charging some customers

    Apple Pay

    From Apple

    Apple Pay was convenient, fast, and it seemingly worked without incident ... until I logged in and checked my debit card bill.

  • It's here! The hoverboard (Well, sort of)

    Hendo Hoverboards

    Courtesy Hendo Hoverboard

    If you're looking for that cool gift to get your tech-savvy significant other this Christmas, here's a pretty attractive contender: a hoverboard.

  • PhotoMath app solves equations for you


    Courtesy Microblink

    Say it with us: Kids today have it sooooo easy. A new smartphone app will do their math homework for them, provided it's not too complicated.

  • King Tut's 'virtual autopsy' reveals surprise

    King Tut mask

    Jon Bodsworth/Wikimedia Commons

    King Tutankhamun's golden, mummified remains tell only a partial story of an ancient Egyptian boy king who died under mysterious circumstances.

  • Company hires tailor to enlarge iPhone owners' pockets

    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

    From Apple

    If you're frustrated at the prospect of cramming a giant new iPhone 6 Plus into your pocket, you may want to consider buying your new phone in China, where a telecom operator has hired a tailor to alter customers' pants to accommodate the phone.

  • Expect meteor showers early Tuesday

    Shooting star from space

    If you wake up early enough on Tuesday, you might see some shooting stars.

  • Apple profit soars on huge iPhone and Mac sales

    iPhone 6

    From Apple

    Even as Apple seeks out growth by delving into payments and watches, Apple's core business continues to boom on the back of its revving iPhone engine.

    iPhone: Apple sold 39.3 million iPhones in the past quarter, which included nearly two weeks of sale...

  • Apple Pay launches today

    Apple Pay

    From Apple

    Apple Pay is finally here.

  • Crowdfunding your home renovation: Should you do it?

    House, windows

    iStock image

    Meghan Reidy really doesn't like her downstairs bathroom. She and her husband are hoping that family, friends and maybe even complete strangers can help fund the $500 renovation.

  • Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter

    Monica Lewinsky


    Monica Lewinsky took another step into the public spotlight on Monday when she joined Twitter.

  • Facebook tells DEA: Stop impersonating users


    Thierry Roge/Reuters

    Facebook has sent a letter to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration demanding that agents stop impersonating users on the social network.

  • NASA orbiters OK after comet buzzes Mars

    Mars Panorama

    NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State University

    It was the closest comet near-miss known to astronomers, but everything is alright.

    Comet Siding Spring shaved past a planet's surface at one third the distance of the Earth to the moon. But it wasn't Earth in the cross hairs -- it was our neighbor Ma...

  • Why this man created a Comic Sans typewriter

    Comic sans font

    Courtesy Sarah Hyndman

    It's one of the most mocked fonts on the Internet, the target of numerous campaigns and websites that believe its "comical" design has no place in civilized society.

    Now, Comic Sans has gone analog with the "Sincerity Machine," a typewriter that types...

  • Teens face 'like' and 'FOMO' anxiety


    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    Ask any teen whether he or she suffers from social media anxiety, and the answer will probably be no.

    That's what happened when six teens and adolescents -- five from New York and one from Los Angeles -- got together recently for a unique weeklong wo...

  • What is the mysterious Magic Leap?

    Magic Leap ad

    Magic Leap

    It may have more than a half-billion dollars in the bank and the backing of tech titans like Google, as well as the investors with some of Silicon Valley's deepest pockets.

    You've probably never heard of Magic Leap, a startup so secretive they're not ...

  • Duck-and-cover time for Mars spacecraft



    A comet is speeding toward a close-encounter with Mars. Comet Siding Spring is expected to come within 87,000 miles of Mars at about 2:27 p.m. ET on Sunday -- very close for a comet flyby.

  • Apple unveils new iPads, releases OS X Yosemite

    iPad Air 2

    Robert Gailbraith/Reuters

    The iPad is getting a facelift.

  • Les Moonves on reactions to CBS's streaming service

    TV remote

    iStock / DeshaCAM

    To hear Les Moonves tell it, the biggest skeptic inside CBS Corp. about the company's Internet subscription service was Les Moonves.

  • Apple Pay is launching on Monday

    Apple Pay

    From Apple

    Starting Monday, you can pay for stuff with your iPhone 6.


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