• Emerging clues may point to dark matter

    International Space Station file

    Ho New/Reuters

    Take a look around you, and in your mind's eye, randomly wipe out all but a small fraction of what you can see. Pretend the vast rest of reality is there but invisible.

    You'd probably like a device that helps you see much more of it.

    Scientists workin...

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    By Ben Brumfield CNN
  • Hot startups not following Alibaba to Wall Street

    Alibaba IPO

    REUTERS/Carlos Barria

    Bankers advising Alibaba on its IPO aren't charging top dollar, but they are thrilled for whatever fees they can get. That's because high-profile startups are shunning IPOs, turning to private investors for cash.

    Take just two high-profile startups: U...

  • Joan Rivers' Facebook page plugs iPhone 6

    Joan Rivers looking glamorous

    REUTERS/Robert Galbraith JDP/HB

    Something tells us Joan Rivers would laugh about this.

    On Friday, the famed comedian, who died September 4 at age 81, appeared to post to her Facebook account, praising the new iPhone 6 and announcing her plans to buy one.

    "This badass is being replace...

  • Larry Ellison: The billionaire with the shiniest toys

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

    Robert Galbraith/Reuters

    Larry Ellison, the top-paid CEO and fifth-richest person in the world, now has a bit more time to live his extraordinarily glamorous life.

    It's not exactly a retirement for the 70-year old Oracle founder. He stepped down as Oracle's CEO but became the...

  • Digital tip jar coming to a coffee shop near you


    Aaron Smith/CNN Money

    The tip jar at coffee shops is often an embarrassment for the kind of people who pay for everything with their credit cards and rarely have small change on hand.

    The electronic DipJar, a device that accepts credit and debit cards for $1 tips, is here...

  • Apple's iPhone 6 goes on sale, and the lines are insane

    iPhone 6 goes on sale, Tokyo

    Yuya Shino/Reuters

    The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit stores Friday, with Apple fans around the world camping out in line to become some of the first owners of the new devices.

  • First iPhone 6 buyer in Australia drops it on live TV

    Buyer drops iPhone 6


    Homer Simpson would give this a double "Doh!"

  • Man tries to rent girlfriend to buy an iPhone 6

    iPhone 6

    From Apple

    A Shanghai man goes to extremes in his attempts to buy an iPhone 6.

  • What counts as a 'real name' on Facebook?

    Facebook on laptop

    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    A Facebook policy that asks users to provide real names on profiles has people from all walks of life worrying their accounts might be in jeopardy.

  • Amazon releases new Fire tablets, e-readers

    Amazon Voyage


    Amazon has released a new set of tablets and e-readers. A $79 Kindle and the Kindle Voyage are the company's new e-reader offerings.

  • Apple says iOS 8 will shield your data from police

    iOS 8 on iPhone

    From Apple

    Apple says its new mobile operating system puts text messages, emails, photos and other data out of the reach of police -- even if authorities present the company with a search warrant.

  • Apple's iOS 8 HealthKit launch derailed by bug

    iOS 8

    From Apple

    Apple's HealthKit needs a doctor.

  • Home Depot: 56 million cards exposed in breach

    Home Depot

    Ferre Dollar/CNN

    Home Depot confirmed Thursday that hackers exposed 56 million credit and debit cards during its months-long security breach.

    The company also said it had eliminated the malware behind the attack from its payment systems.

    Card readers that encountered t...

  • IOS 8: How to get it -- and whether you should

    iOS 8 on iPhone

    From Apple

    IPhone and iPad owners rejoice! iOS 8 is here.

    Apple's new operating system isn't the radical upgrade that iOS 7 was, but it has a handful of new features that look promising.

    IOS 8 lets apps display useful information in the "Today" screen, includin...

  • California OKs first tests of self-driving cars

    Audi self-driving car

    From Audi

    California, a state synonymous for cars, has issued its first approvals to test self-driving cars. Audi and Google have both received an autonomous driving permit from California.

  • Stolen phone racks up $500,000 bill in a day

    Texting, using cellphone, smartphone


    Think your vacation cellphone bill is high? Then spare a thought for the Australian hit with more than $500,000 in charges for calls made when his device was stolen in Europe.

  • Five iOS 8 features you'll love

    iOS 8 on iPhone

    From Apple

    You can't get a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus until Friday, but iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, goes live on Wednesday. The free download will be available to anyone with an iPhone 4S, 5, 5C or 5S.

  • Sony expects to lose more than $2 billion

    PlayStation 4

    Courtesy Sony

    Things are going from bad to worse for Sony -- the Japanese company expects to lose billions of dollars this year as its smartphone business bleeds.

  • Boeing, Space X to launch NASA back into space

    NASA astronaut with Boeing capsule

    REUTERS/NASA/Handout via Reuters

    Boeing and SpaceX have been awarded contracts to become NASA's space taxis, shuttling astronauts to and from the International Space Station, the agency announced Tuesday.

  • Join social media's 'country club' for $9,000


    Courtesy netropolitan.club

    Would you enjoy social media more without all those pesky 99-percenters complaining about their mortgage payments and high cable bills?

  • Windows 9 is coming Sept. 30

    Windows 8 Preview


    Windows 9 is coming.

  • Apple offers a way to 'return' free U2 album

    Apple free U2 album

    REUTERS/Stephen Lam

    Apple learned an important lesson this week: Not everyone likes U2. And even those who do really don't like it when you put music in their libraries without asking.

  • Apple sold 4M iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in first day

    iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus


    Apparently, a lot of people want the iPhone 6. Apple sold a record 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones on Friday, the first day that the new iGadgets were available for pre-order, the company said Monday.

  • Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion



    Microsoft is expanding its video game empire, buying the wildly popular Minecraft and the tiny production studio that designed it for $2.5 billion.

    With Minecraft, Microsoft will be acquiring one of the most popular games ever. Minecraft has been down...

  • Golfer wins space trip after bagging hole-in-one

    Earth in space

    bruno sersocima/SXC

    After a hole-in-one at the KLM Open in Amsterdam, golfer Andy Sullivan has won a prize that is truly out of this world.

    The Englishman, who found the cup with his tee shot on the 15th hole, bagged himself a flight into space courtesy of a Dutch aerosp...


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