Strong turnout at Valley polling places

POSTED: 12:01 PM PST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 07:51 PM PST Nov 05, 2013 
Election turnout

"I didn't have to stand in line but I thought the turnout was good," said Gary McConnell, of Desert Hot Springs.

A constant turnout of voters was the trend at most polling places including the Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs and the Senior Center in Desert Hot Springs. The turnout took some volunteers by surprise.

"It's more than I expected. I worked last year's big election. They warned it would be slow but it hasn't been. It's a good turnout," said Rick Alvarado, a Desert Hot Springs volunteer.

Although there isn't a presidency at stake, McConnell said his vote in the Desert Hot Springs mayoral and city council race is key.

"We need to beautify the city and bring in some new programs. I'm hoping this will be a positive day for us," McConnell.

Many residents are keeping a close eye on the Palm Springs City Council.

"I think the council candidates are very important. We have a fabulous local government, there's no question about that, but I think voting for a change might be the right thing to go."

No matter the size of the election or what and who is on the ballot, Palm Springs resident Gene Touchet said "everyone has to show up and vote on every election, one way or another."

"I think what makes a community what it needs to be is participation in voter activity. It's critical in making change," said McConnell.