String of events bring flood of tourists to the valley

Tourism in the Coachella Valley

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - If you've walked around downtown Palm Springs lately you’ve noticed increased foot traffic. Several events flooding our valley with hundreds of tourists and with events like "Modernism Week" and "Date Fest" coming up this weekend, there should only be more folks ready to spend their hard-earned cash.

“I never stress, I'm so excited I mean it's a few days away. People are going to be pouring into town and I can't wait to share camp with everybody cause it’s going to be fantastic,” said Chris Mobley, CEO of Modernism Week

All those folks coming in are going to need a place to stay, eat, and shop.

“Yeah, we’re looking forward to Modernism Week. It’s going to be a strong 15 or 16-day stretch and then really the kick off the season,” Abe Liao, General Manager of the Kimpton.

The Kimpton Rowan Hotel opened in November as part of the Palm Springs downtown revitalization project and the surrounding businesses are starting to fill up.

“A lot more of the shops are now open and they’re really very artsy fartsy,” said Isabel Pollitt, a tourist from London.

New artsy stores like West Elm is actually showcasing their furniture at Modernism Week.

“Oh, it’s great you know, you got all the people that come out when the store sets up and then continuing the buzz. With people shopping and dining it really adds to the dynamic here in the new downtown,” Liao said.

The new businesses are creating a city like atmosphere in downtown.

“I think it’s awesome I know my great-grandmother has owned timeshares and before when she was young this wasn’t even a place but now she loves to come down here and I came down here so it's pretty cool,” said Kayshon Bell, a tourist from San Diego.

Palm Springs Modernism Week begins on Feb. 15 and the Date Festival begins Feb. 16. 

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