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Tabletop ad troubles continue

Tabletop Ad troubles continue.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "These are all the tables that were left at the restaurant," says Kami French, General Manager of the Blue Coyote Grill in Palm Springs.  She gestures to a large, colorful, laquered table top.  But nearly a year after signing a contract with Theresa Darrah and DMT Sales, and just three weeks after our stories about Darrah first aired, the Blue Coyote's new table tops arrived.

"They're blurry, they're pixilated, there's only supposed to be 12 ads per table," says French.  "And there's what 40, 50 of (the ads) on there?"

French says you won't see the tables at the Blue Coyote anytime soon.

But that is where we met up with two Valley Realtors, who paid for ads on the tables, and also expected to see them at that restaurant in July of 2013.

"I'm going to file a police report," says Richard Martin.  But not because he wants the tables to be used.

"She swore I was the only realtor," Martin says.  "She initialed paperwork I was going to be the only Realtor.  There's 10 other Realtors I can count on those tables.  "She says she had another person working with her selling the same ad, and that's not true. I talked to those people, and it was her.  So it was fraud."

Martin and fellow realtor Judy Greer are steaming mad at Theresa Darrah.  Darrah sold them, and dozens of other people tabletop ads.

Greer says she's out $2,075.  And Martin?  $3,000.

Says Greer: "I cancelled my ad, right after I found out she cashed my check right after I told her to hold it.  And no, she had no ad copy from me.  She just took my business card, and used my business card and put it on there."

When the table tops got delivered to the Blue Coyote, Darrah posted photos to her Facebook page.  She also posted contracts she says proved she delivered as promised.  The only thing is, the contracts the Blue Coyote showed us look nothing like the contracts Darrah displayed.  And the tabletops she provided, according to French, are nothing like the ones she promised.

"There are tables that don't even have our logo on them," says French.
"I feel ashamed that I was duped," says Martin.  "She lied."
We spoke with several other business owners, including those from the Palm Springs General Store, realtors from Windermere, Torres Window Solutions, CV Auto Works, Wink Lash and Beauty Bar, and Blair Heating and Air who told us they're embarrassed and feel swindled.

But the strangest call was to the Guadalajara Café in Palm Desert.  Manager Gabby Garcia told us Darrah gave her several tables for free.

"She told me the deal was if I let her (to) put the tables in the restaurant, the people that appeared on the tables in the ads, they're going to go to the restaurant, like support," says Garcia.

Garcia says she's been trying to get in touch with Darrah to return some of the tables, as they are too big for the location, and some have Blue Coyote's logo on them.

"She just dropped these tables and leave, and never came back.  Never never answered my phone.  She never returned my calls," Garcia tells CBS Local 2.

We tried to reach Darrah, but after telling her what we wanted to discuss, she hung up on us, twice.

Officers from Palm Springs and Cathedral City police, as well as the Riverside County Sheriff's Department tell us they've collected dozens of police reports on Darrah.  They're urging anyone whose done business with her and feels dissatisfied to call them, even if they do feel embarrassed.

"We want her to go to jail," says Greer.  "We don't want her to rip off anyone else.  No we don't."

If you signed a contract for a business in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, or unincorporated Riverside County west of La Quinta, call Investigator Michael Rowe with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department at (760) 836-1732.  If you signed a contract for a business in any other city in the Coachella Valley, call your local police department, and tell them you're aware this is an ongoing issue and is currently being investigated.  Make sure to give them your contact information and request they take a report.

Theresa Darrah took down her website for DMT sales.  She's now also using the name Theresa Stacey, and says she's affiliated with Desert Cities Modern Woman Magazine.  She refused further comment for our story.

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