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How to make extra money selling things online

Tips to make extra money selling things online

You could be like Kandy De Haro of La Quinta, who occasionally sells things online.

"There is always someone out there trying to sell something they don't need," said De Haro.

Or, you could be like Lynn Dralle of Rancho Mirage, who makes a six figure income selling full time.

"It's my passion.  My grandmother taught me if you follow your passion, the money will follow, and its true," said Dralle.

Sites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook's Marketplace, and others. now offer a world of potential buyers for whatever it is you no longer want or need.

But, for those not familiar with how it all works, it can be a little daunting. But Dralle says it is not.

As an eBay "Power Seller", using the name "The Queen of Auctions", she has more than 13,600 items posted on the site.

"You put in a title, you put in your description, put in the condition, pick a selling price, pick seven days for the auction and you set the shipping," said Dralle.

I asked Dralle and noted tech expert Marc Saltzman about what it takes to successfully sell something online.

They both offered several suggestions to help you "make the sale".

In addition to starting with good, clear. well-lit photos, Saltzman says to make your post stand out from the rest by using a catchy headline.

"Use something that stands out as long as its professional, you know big caps, capital letters or fine, or an exclamation mark, (or phrases like) brand-new, never been opened, still in the box, reduced price, anything that can catch the eye," said Saltzman.

As far as the describing your item, Saltzman says to be as descriptive as possible and to anticipate and answer questions prospective buyers might have about what you are selling.  

When it comes to pricing, the experts agree. They say don't price too low. They say to "pad the price" to leave room for negotiation. 

"Add a little bit more on top because inevitably, the person who is buying the item from you, they're going to want to talk you down a few dollars, so be ready for that," said Saltzman.

Also, to increase your chances of making the sale, you might consider multiple posts for that one item, on different sites.  If using Craigslist, you can post the same item in different categories.

"If you are selling something that would typically go into a category like computer accessories, let's say its a pair of speakers you want to get rid of, also post that same listing under electronics, or under household items, or under gadgets," said Saltzman.

If you are not shipping your item once sold, and are meeting with the buyer in person, its best to avoid having them come to your home.  

Meet in a public place where others are around.  If they have to come to your home, have someone else with you, and verify they are who they say they are prior to them coming over.

Finally, Dralle says to focus on customer service, whether selling one item or if you want to be like her, making several sales a month. 

Answer all questions quickly, and when shipping, do that quickly.

"I love making a profit.  There is nothing not to like about eBay," said Dralle.

Be sure to check out yesterday's report on protecting yourself and your wallet when using online selling platforms like Craigslist and eBay. 

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