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Alarm system company warns dangers of technician imposters

Local alarm system company warns of technician imposters

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Robb Roberts is the security adviser at Maximum Security in Palm Springs. He's well aware of crooks posing as alarm system technicians. Police warn that they dress the part and then hit the streets to get inside your home.

"What they do is they'll say, 'We're here from your alarm company,' or 'The company has gone out of business and we're here from the manufacturer,'" said Roberts.

Roberts said the imposters could try to scam you by either selling you a faulty alarm system or just get an inside look at what valuables you own.

"They might look in the closet to look at the alarm panel to see what is covered so they can gain entry when they return," said Roberts.

Crooks will often cut the security system line to the phone, so police won't be alerted during an emergency.

"Burglars are becoming more advanced. What we are seeing in the residential market is about 40 percent of homes are having their telephones line being cut, and with the conversion to digital telephone through other providers, they're now cutting the co-axial cable," said Roberts.

It's not just homes getting hit.
"Unfortunately in the business sector, it's 60 percent," said Roberts.

Roberts said even during an emergency, his company never sends a technician out without a phone call or an appointment.

"Peek outside to the curb to see if there's a van with a name of the company. Any reputable company would have a service van with their technician," said Roberts.

Demand to see the person's company badge. A legitimate employee should have the proper identification.

If you don't feel safe, close and lock your door, then call police.

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