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No fireworks on the Fourth for East Valley


EAST VALLEY, Calif. - There is one less place for you and your family to celebrate the Fourth of July this year. We've learned the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce and the La Quinta Resort have canceled their festivities.  That means on the 4th, no parade, no festival, and no fireworks show in the East Valley.

"People enjoy it this is part of our country, something we enjoy and participate in and fireworks are a great part of it.," said Desert Center resident Donald Allen.

Last year La Quinta held a parade and festival during the day, then the La Quinta Resort ended the night with fireworks.

That won't happen this year, the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce says there weren't enough sponsors to pull it off.  The La Quinta Resort says fireworks will return next year, but a renovation and fire concerns with the drought will leave the La Quinta sky dark this Fourth of July. 

"I think it's a let down, there is a lot of people who like fireworks," said Allen.

"It's a shame, I think the cities should have celebrations especially Fourth of July," said Indio resident Joe Rodriguez.

In Indio and Coachella you are allowed to shoot off "safe and sane" fireworks yourself.

"That's kind of the trade, off but you know there is that group of people that likes doing their own fireworks and there is a group of people that like a firework show so having the alternative i think would be nice," said Rodriguez.

If you chose to set off your own fireworks,  you do so at your own risk. CAL FIRE says any fireworks, including the one you can buy at local stands, are still too dangerous to use.

"There are no "safe and sane" fireworks, because safe and sane are not safe and sane," said CAL FIRE Chief John Hawkins.

Instead, CAL FIRE says see a public show.  For residents in the East Valley it means a drive to Palm Springs or Palm Desert.

"Getting out there the traffic is kind of a hassle, so it would be nice to have a place here in the east part of the Valley," said Rodriguez.

"I think there should be more things out here in Indio especially since you have all of the places right down the street to have the fireworks at," said Indio resident AJ Fernandez. 

The Indio fairgrounds used to host Fourth of July festivities but that stopped in 2009 during the economic downturn.  The city of Indio says it is recovering, but not enough yet to bring the fireworks back. 

"It would be nice if there was something close to where we live," said Fernandez. 

Fantasy Springs in Indio is shooting off fireworks this year, on July 3rd, but not on the Fourth. 

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