We caught 6 year olds Kayden and Chrissy trying to sneak a peek of their new teacher Tuesday. They're no longer the smallest kids on the Cahuilla Elementary School campus because they're entering the first grade. Chantelle Griggs says the girls just about ready for their first day back.

"We went school shopping yesterday ... and probably pick up some shirts today," said Griggs.

We also spotted teachers gearing up for the big day at their staff training. Cahuilla Elementary is one of eight Palm Springs Unified School District year-round elementary schools starting the new school year this Thursday, including Cielo Vista Charter in Palm Springs; Agua Caliente, Cathedral City Elementary, Landau and Sunny Sands in Cathedral City; and Cabot Yerxa and Julius Corsini in Desert Hot Springs.

The district says when kids head back to class this early in the summer, some parents need a reminder.

"We do send an auto dialer out to make sure families get a call and know that we're going back to school," said Cahuilla principal Denise Ellis.

Many students are eager to hit the playground and when it comes to staying safe in the desert heat Kayden and Chrissy say they have a plan.

"I would play in the shade," said Kayden.

Chrissy said "I would drink some water."

Principal Ellis said she keeps a close eye on the heat index each, making sure it's safe to play outside, encouraging her students drink water, and take shade areas with misters. She said it's a team effort to get the year off to a positive start.

"Make sure they eat a good breakfast, come to school on time and look forward to a great school year," said Ellis.