Slow progress of Indio High School construction concerning some

INDIO, Calif. - Mickie Reed's family is no stranger to Indio High School. Two sons have already graduated, and she currently has a daughter going to classes there. She said she noticed, as schools in the valley continue to get updated, her kids have not seen much change at Indio High School.

"I see a big disparity in the way Indio high School is treated by the district than other valley high schools. The physical conditions are really poor. Of course they're building a new school but it is really taking a long time," Reed said. 

She feels Indio High School has not been the main focus in the Desert Sands Unified School District when it comes to spending money. 

"I would hope the district would step up and say, 'Look, we're going to make sure Indio High School has at least some of the same things. We're not going to let people ask for six years for a working scoreboard. We're going to give them the scoreboard," Reed said. 

Mikey Reed is not alone. Even Indio High School principal Rudy Ramirez is frustrated with the progress of a new school being built on the campus. We asked Ramirez to explain what is taking so long.

"We should have been done in 2011, then 2014 but we're going to be done in 2018. All I can tell you is work is being done and if you look at the picture up there it's going to be incredible," Ramirez said. 

The new school has three phases of construction. Because of delays, they're only about halfway through phase one. 

"A lot of reasons. The last delay is because bids came in way over budget," Ramirez said. 

Some good news from the district, Sherry Johnston, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, told us there hasn't been a delay in the last year, and the project is now full speed ahead. 

"Sometimes delays are unforeseeable. We are on target and devoted and dedicated to Indio High. It's our number one priority right now throughout its completion," Johnston said. 

Even though Mickey's daughter will not get a chance to sit in the new classrooms, she hopes other kids will be able to enjoy the new school sooner than later. 

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