Sinkhole On Magnesia Falls Drive In Palm Desert

PALM DESERT - If Magnesia Falls Drive in Palm Desert is part of your daily commute, Monday was the time to find a detour.

"Surprise, surprise, surprise," says motorist Mike Hitchcock.

"How long is this going to be out?" asks motorist Julie Fleischman.

The section of Magnesia Falls Drive between San Pablo and Portola Avenues is closed because of a giant hole.

The Coachella Valley Water District says a leaky water pipe underneath the pavement caused it to erode. It didn't leave anybody without running water and the cause appears to be an aging pipe and normal wear and tear. But some drivers use this road as a short cut, and it is an inconvenience to say the least.

"Ever since they opened it, it's been a huge benefit to those of us that travel to the middle school and high school over to Hovley and the Portola area. The soccer park, to get into the soccer park. It's a big deal," Fleischman.

"There is a lot of traffic that goes down Portola, however this is just a quick way to get home so that we don't have to go down Portola," Hitchcock says.

The Coachella Valley Water District says the water leak should be fixed within a day, but as far as the road is concerned, they do not know how long it will take to be re paved. And that's a concern for Fleischman, who drives down this road at least eight times a day.

"I work off of Portola and Hovley and I have kids at the middle school and high school. So I pick up, I go to work, I drop the kids off, I pick the kids up and I go back to work. So I'm back and forth. I'm going to have to drive up to Country Club and over or take Fred Waring up to Cook street and go around that way," Fleischman says.

The road cannot be re-paved until the leak is fixed first. No word on when the road will be re paved.

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