A TSA employee has been shot and killed in Terminal 3 of LAX.  There are multiple victims.  A lone suspect has also been shot and is in custody.

Suspect Identified:

The Associated Press is reporting that Law Enforcement Officials have identified the LAX shooting suspect as 23 year old Paul Ciancia.

Details of the Shooting At LAX:

The incident happened just after 9:30 am Friday morning.

At 9:20 Friday morning a man entered Terminal 3 at LAX and pulled an assault rifle out of a bag.  The man started shooting and continued to shoot as he entered the security screening area.

The shooter then continued past security into the airport where police got into a shoot out with the suspect and shot him.

Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon assures the public that this was a lone shooter and LAX is safe.

Gannon says that there were multiple shooting victims and that there were other injuries as well.

Jim Featherstone of the Los Angeles Fire Department says that 7 patients were treated.

Parts of LAX have been evacuated including Terminal 3 where the incident took place.

Flights are continuing at LAX but schedules have been highly impacted.  Officials ask the public to stay out of the area.

Fox Sports columnist Bill Reiter was quoted by CNN as tweeting during the incident...

"I was at the Virgin terminal at LAX when gunfire broke out,"

"Many of us have run on the tarmac. I don't know what's happening but I'm fine."

"The first thing I did hiding under that bench thinking I was going to die was calmly (call my) wife to tell her I loved her and our kids. What a day," Reiter tweeted.

Another passenger Robert Perez told KCAL / KCBS that he was resting when panic erupted in the terminal.

"I heard a popping sound, and everybody was diving for cover," Perez said.

Impact on Palm Springs International Airport:

Palm Springs International Airport Director of Airport  Operations says that "we are fully operational" and that there are no delays currently from Palm Springs. 

According to the web site flightaware.com, Skywest flight 6302 has been cancelled.  That flight was supposed to arrive from LAX at 3:50 Friday afternoon and then return to LAX from Palm Springs at 4:25 pm Friday.

Some flights that were bound for LAX have been diverted to Palm Springs.  Buses have been arriving to take those passengers to Los Angeles.

Nolan wants to assure the public that they are doing everything possible to keep the airport safe.