Security tight to protect people from cars at VillageFest

Security tight to protect people at...

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -  

With the events that happened in Time Square Thursday we are taking an in-depth look at how the Palm Springs Police Department and the city keeps people safe during VillageFest.

Leilani Levesque is visiting Palm Springs with her two young children from Orange County.

"It’s good, we had a blast. We went swimming and now we are just walking around trying all the fun things," Levesque said.

She is like hundreds of other families with young children who came out to enjoy a lovely evening of food and fun with their kids at VillageFest. After the events in Time Square Levesque said she is not worried.

"I have always felt safe. I have never had any problems and I have always felt real safe," Levesque said.

Concrete barriers are raised from the street at the intersection of Palm Canyon and Amado Road. These barriers protect people who could drive down from the north end of VillageFest. There are also metal fences, cones and safety lights directing traffic.

There are barricades weighed down with water at La Plaza to stop cars from going into the street festival. The Palm Springs Police Department also has a very large presence.

"Have they tried instances like they had in Time Square? No, we have not had that. Thankfully. That doesn’t mean that we are not going to have copycats people might want to attempt that in a crowded areas," said Sgt. William Hutchinson.

Some vendors have been working at VillageFest for years and they say security is tight.

"I feel that they do a great job on regulating the traffic throughout the hours of operation," said Yvette Smith, owner of CV BBQ. Smith has been working VillageFest for more than 5 years.

Palm Springs Police Chief Bryan Reyes said there have been more officers on patrol for VillageFest over the past few weeks and there are more improvements for safety in the works. One of those improvements will be adding more concrete pylons at more of the intersections.


Those additions are in the very early beginnings of the planning stage so it’ll take some time to see those be constructed.


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