Security drills planned for Desert Sands Unified School District

The message was sent out this morning

Video: Security drills planned for Desert Sands Unified School District

INDIO, Calif.- - Desert Sands Unified School District spokeswoman Mary Perry has announced that two district schools will be conducting security drills Wednesday. This announcement comes a week after considerable confusion took place involving the district when an Imperial High School threat was misattributed to Indio High School.

"I am going to do my best to let you all know when we are having drills at our schools so that you are prepared should parents and community members reach out regarding concerns that the drills are real incidents," read the statement from Perry. 

Some drills practiced will include a lockout, lockdown and an active assailant on campus situation. Perry described each drill.

"A lockout is when there's some kind of police activity in the vicinity of the school, so what we do is ee lock the doors and school goes on with classes taking place and kids sitting in classrooms. We may be careful with outside activities. A lockdown is a little more serious because now the police activity is closer to the school or could in some way involve the school. Staff and students are now seated on the floor with lights out in the classroom, remaining as invisible as possible..." Perry said.

During an 'active assailant on campus' situation Perry says there are three ways students are taught to react. 

"First thing, is hide and cover. You might have to run, and the third situation is you might have to fight back and let's hope that never, ever happens," Perry continued. 

DSUSD Parents and family members say they're happy to see the district practice these drills.

"They'll [students] know what to do if there's a real alert," said Yolanda Maldonado, a DSUSD guardian. 

Last week, Perry issued a statement relating to the unfounded spreading of rumors relating to school threats in the district.

"Students have made thoughtless comments and statements regarding school safety at various schools," writes Perry. "Each of these is taken VERY SERIOUSLY and is thoroughly investigated, in many cases with the involvement of law enforcement."

If you ever feel there is a credible threat to a school, you can report it on the anonymous reporting system PSST World.

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