Security at Humana Challenge prepares for busy week

LA QUINTA, Calif. - Pair some of the world's best golfers with a former president of the United States and its a tough task for any security team.  It's exactly what the La Quinta police department prepares to handle at this week's Humana Challenge.  "We will work closely with the secret service," said Lieutenant David Walton.  "And whoever is going to help the Clinton's arrival and participation here." 

Besides Mr. Clinton, the department keeps thousands of spectators safe.  And this year, the tournament projects a 30% increase in attendance.  "We've obviously up-ticked our patrol personnel and staff in order to mitigate any problems, because of a larger crowd." 

The La Quinta police department teams up with volunteers and Bower security to keep an eye on people around the golf course.  The nature of the venue makes it more challenging than other sporting events.  "It's completely wide open, we have residents who live right on the golf course, who can go in and out with items," said Ron Ayala, the vice president of Bower security. 

To limit the items being brought in, PGA announced a new bag policy this year.  It allows smaller bags and clear ones, while prohibiting backpacks, large purses and folding chair bags.  "It is for everyone's safety,' said Ayala.  "It is for the safety of the guest, the spectators, the participants and the staff." 

Guards will provide clear bags to people who don't know about the rule change.  Most of them approve of the increase in safety measures.  "I mean security," said Susana Lyon.  "Everyone wants to be secure wherever they go.  So, I think it's a great idea." 

For more information on what you can and what can't bring, go to

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