Second valley family reports bed bug infested furniture from local store

Second valley family reports bed bug infested furniture from local store

COACHELLA, Calif. - "I finally seen it crawling on me, and sure enough it was one of the bed bugs," said Celeste of Coachella, who asked us to keep her identity private.

Celeste says she's shocked by what she discovered early Friday morning in the children's bed she bought from Aaron's furniture store in Indio last month.

"Like three o'clock in the morning I'm trying to look at the mattress," she said. "I felt a bug crawling on me."

A Palm Desert family experienced the same thing earlier this week with a used bed from Aaron's in Cathedral City. Celeste bought her children's bed under the impression it was new. 

News Channel 3 spoke with a manager at Aaron's who said it was delivered from Aaron's distribution center in Rancho Cucamonga brand new.

But over the last month and a half her children, ages 8 and 6, became covered with tiny bites. Celeste had no clue why.

"My kids have been having bumps on their body and stuff,"  she said.

So celeste slept on the bed herself and discovered the bugs.

"It hurts me to see them scratching and I can't do nothing about it," she said.

When she contacted Aaron's, Celeste said they told her they can't help.

"It's been more than a certain time I guess, and they can't do anything," she said.

News Channel 3 contacted a spokeswoman for the chain who told us all customer concerns are taken seriously, including any report of bedbugs.  She adds Aaron's has a "robust Quality Assurance Program" that includes inspection and treatment of its merchandise prior to lease or purchase by a customer. 

Celeste says she wants a refund, and for this to never happen to another valley family.

"I want them to, you know, take care. If they're going to be selling stuff they should be more careful," she said.

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