Search warrant reveals new details about teacher murder

Michael Franco was arrested for murder of Jill Grant in December

Indio, Calif -     A follow-up  on the murder of Palm Desert math teacher, Jill Grant.  
     News Channel 3/CBS Local 2 obtained the search warrant affidavit filed with Riverside County Superior Court.
     We learned new details about how police think the murder occurred on December 23rd.  
       According a Detective from the Indio Police Department, evidence shows Grant sustained life threatening injuries and was dragged to the brush at Terra Lago Golf Course.
     After Grant's brother id'd her body, police searched the home she shared with Michael Franco.  
     They took several items from the home with visible blood splatters and other evidence including a checkbook and journal letters.  
     They also found shoe prints they say matched those at the crime scene.  
     After pinging a cell phone owned by Franco, officers found Grant's Toyota Prius.  
     Later Franco and another man get into the car.  Police tried to arrest Franco, who according to the search warrnt, resisted and officers used an electronic control device to take him into custody.  
     While in custody the arresting detective says Franco stated he was going to jail for the rest of his life and they got him before he could get away to Mexico.  
     Franco pleaded not guilty to murdering Grant at his arraignment last month and remains in jail awaiting trial.

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