Scandal at City Hall

John Wessman retires after corruption charges filed in Palm Springs

Wessman retires after corruption...

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - John Wessman, one of three defendants facing charges in an alleged corruption case in Palm Springs, has formally retired following Thursday's announcement by Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin.

According to John Hall with the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, Wessman surrendered to authorities on Thursday and was released on bail.

KESQ and CBS Local 2's Joe Galli reports. 

According to information released by Michael Braun Thursday afternoon, the complaint filed by the District Attorney of the County of Riverside does not name any Wessman Holdings or Wessman Development related entity as a defendant, nor does it name Michael Braun, Octavio Fernandez, or any other Wessman employee as a defendant.  While John Wessman denies all of the allegations of the complaint, which he will vigorously defend, the paramount concern of John Wessman, Michael Braun, all of the Wessman entities and the entirety of the staff, is to ensure that all projects proceed in a timely manner to completion.
In light of the charges, John Wessman has formally retired and is no longer involved in the management or the day-to-day operations of Wessman Development, Wessman Holdings, or other related entities, according to Braun.

Braun also said the entire team at Wessman Holdings and Wessman Developments are dedicated to completing all projects as contemplated, and wish to assure the public that the aforementioned event does not sway Wessman Holding's commitment to the city and citizens of Palm Springs. 

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