Ross Mathews dishes about his time on Celebrity Big Brother

Ross Mathews Talks Celebrity Big Brother KESQ 6PM

PALM SPRINGS - From The Tonight Show, to the red carpet and now to Celebrity Big Brother. Palm Springs resident Ross Mathews is out of the Big Brother household and sharing all the details with us.

Taking home second place and America's favorite house guest, Mathews held his own on the very first Celebrity Big Brother.

"It was exactly what I imagined it would be like and nothing what I would have imagined it would be like, at the same time," Mathews said.

He secured Head of Household status twice and won the power of veto three times.

"My game play was to always be flexible. Always be ready to pivot. Follow the power structure and win when my butt was on the line. And I did that every time I was nominated. No big deal, total big deal!" Mathews said.

But by far one of the most interesting parts of his experience, his interactions with former white house aide Omarosa Manigault.
"When I saw Omarosa walk into the house my first thought was 'Oh my God no.' then my second thought was 'The ratings are going to be huge.' And my third thought was 'I've got to get the scoop,'" Mathews said.

And get the scoop he did.

"We sat down one night and started talking and I thought 'This was the moment I'm going really try and get something out of her.' And after that conversation where she said we're not going to be okay cause of Trump, she'd never vote for Trump again, she regrets it. I ran into the diary room, where you can speak to producers, and I said 'Oh my God did you guys see that?' and they were like yea we saw that," Mathews said.

He said he thinks there were a few reasons she entered the house.

"Omarosa was as open as she can be, but she was also doing a little public relations rehab. You know her image, some question how good it is. I think she was in that house one to get away take a little vacation, be somewhere where Robert Muller couldn't get to her and also maybe do a little rehab on her PR," Mathews said.

And while they were cordial in the house, he doesn't see them hanging out often.

"I don't know if I'll see her again. I mean if I saw her on the street I'd be like "Yo O what's up?' But I don't think I'll spend Thanksgiving with her," Mathews said.

But he will be hanging out with his other new friends.

"These people I know I will know for the rest of my life. And they're all coming to Palm Springs to visit. So one day you might see us at Tropicale having brunch," Mathews said.

He said he was most excited to see his family and his pups once he was out of the house.

"I'm so glad I went inside that house. I'm even happier to be out of that house," Mathews said.

But he's not completely writing off a return in the future.

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