CABAZON, Calif. -

Authorities today warned the public about a recent spate of scam calls by people posing as law enforcement or utility company officials in the Cabazon area.

In one scam, the caller claims to be in law enforcement or with the court system, telling the victim there is a warrant for failing to appear for jury duty. The caller demands payment for the warrant with credit card information or a Green Dot loadable debit card, Riverside County sheriff's Deputy David Greenwalt said.

``After obtaining the serial numbers to the Green Dot cards, the money deposited to the card is immediately removed by the suspect,'' Greenwalt said.

In the other scam, the caller claims to be with a utility or some sort of service provider. The victim is told their bill is overdue, or they must pay for a meter to be replaced. The scammer says if payment is not received, service will be shut off, and demands credit card information or a Green Dot card.

The utility company should be contacted directly, Greenwalt said.

For information on avoiding scams, go to

The sheriff's Cabazon station can be reached at (951) 922-7100, or by email at