Riverside County District Attorney's Office volunteers with FIND Food Bank

DA's Office volunteers with FIND

FIND Food Bank Law

INDIO, Calif. - Attorneys and investigators with the Riverside County District Attorney's office spent a Saturday volunteering with FIND Food Bank. These public servants took a more hands on approach by sorting produce to eliminate any kiwis or carrots that could be moldy or overripe. 

The sorting offers a team bonding opportunity for the DA's Office.

"We are so busy within the office," said Michelle Paradise, Assistant District Attorney, "It's a lot to ask them to contribute their off time to come in and participate in a program like this, but they're here because they not only want to give back to the community, but they want to build relationships within the District Attorney's Office."

Michelle Paradise said it's also about families helping families. She and some of her colleagues brought along their children and other family members to comb through the fruits and veggies. Paradise says that in a way volunteering with FIND is preventative work for their department.

"A lot of the lower income or families in need...that often has correlation to crime activity, so it's one of the things that we can do on our part to not just feed the community, but give them a foundation of support," said Paradise.

To further their support of FIND, the DA's office is holding the first virtual food drive challenge. Each division is currently competing for the most online purchases of fresh food to be donated to FIND and distributed to the community, as opposed to bringing in canned for or nonperishable items. 

If you are interested in coordinating a volunteer day with FIND for employees of your business or group you're involved in click here.

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