Zellerbach called Hestrin as a union appeaser, suggesting that if the
Coachella Valley native took the helm, the Riverside County Deputy District
Attorneys' Association would get whatever it wants -- regardless of what's in the best interest of taxpayers -- as will other bargaining units.

Zellerbach sought the RCDDAA's endorsement -- and the backing of all of
the other law enforcement associations that supported Hestrin. The D.A. alluded to appearances of a conspiracy in the Indio Police Department investigation that resulted in detectives asking the state attorney general to charge him with felony misappropriation of funds and embezzlement by
a public official, along with misdemeanor vandalism and theft.

Zellerbach came under scrutiny following two April 23 incidents involving Hestrin campaign signs. In one instance, a law enforcement officer said he saw Zellerbach tear down a large Hestrin sign, and in the second instance, surveillance cameras outside a convenience store caught the D.A. doing the same thing with three smaller signs.

He was on official business, using a county vehicle at the time, traveling with his tribal liaison. Zellerbach dismissed the activity as ``much ado about nothing.''

A spokesman for the AG's office told CNS that the case is still under review.