Rising Temperatures Bring On Whitewater River Warning

WHITEWATER - A quick spike in temperatures and the snowmelt after recent storms are triggering warnings that some streams could become dangerous.

That includes the Whitewater River that cuts through the Coachella Valley.

The Whitewater wash that goes under I-10 is a popular spot for people who want to cool off.

But the powerful rapids have also proven to be deadly.

Under normal conditions, the water there is considered to be very dangerous and people can easily be swept away.

Authorities say even more so with the rapid weather changes.

"Usually the snow doesn't melt as quick. This year, we're getting high temperatures very early. There's an increase in water from what we've experienced in previous years," said Fred Peña with the U.S. Forest Service.

Areas near the wash are not monitored.

A much safer place to enjoy the Whitewater River is at the Whitewater Preserve less than five miles north of the freeway.

Rangers at the preserve keep watch on the flowing water, and right now, river conditions are safe.

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