Residents want Cathedral City vandal caught

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CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Late at night or early in the morning someone is using rocks to damage parked cars, and in one case a home, in the Cathedral City Cove. Seven cases of vandalism have been reported in two weeks -- some even caught on surveillance video. In the video, a car stops, a person gets out and smashes the window of a parked car.

Dale Jag and Art Gregoire, residents of the area, tell us they want this person caught. 

"It makes me angry, it makes me frustrated and I want it taken care of," said Gregoire.

"He actually has driven past my house in the daytime and I have good video of him driving in front, pulling up to my neighbors house and then backing up checking out the cameras and taking off," added Jag. 

Police are looking for a suspect who is likely a man in his late 20s to early 30s. They are also looking for a grey or silver Nissan SUV with out of state license plates.

"It's happening and the police have not been able to capture this individual and it's a little frustrating," mentioned Gregoire.

Residents of the community say they have done their part and now wonder if the Cathedral City Police Department is doing theirs. 

"We're doing the best we can with what we have," said Captain Chuck Robinson of the Cathedral City Police Department. "We have limited amount of information and we're taking that information and working it to the best of our ability and hopefully it will pan out and we're be able to identify and get somebody into custody here shortly."

Police say they're hard at work to get the license plate number so they can throw the rock throwing vandal in jail. It's something residents of the neighborhood hope happens sooner than later. 

"I'd just like to have this thing solved so we can feel safe again," concluded Gregoire.

If you have any information, contact the Cathedral City Police Department at (760)770-0362. 


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