A Red Flag warning and Fire Weather Watch is in effect until Wednesday afternoon. 

People like Alan Carvalho are doing what they can during the three day long, Fire Weather Warning.

"Awareness is all we have when we're up against the desert. I mean there's no buffer between us and nature. If there were a fire, we would be the first to be affected," said Carvalho.

There have been over 18 wildfires in California since June and fire season has just begun, according to Cathedral City Battalion Chief, Eric Hauser.

"We've just kicked off the fire season for 2016, so I would imagine we see more Red Flag warnings and Fire Weather warnings throughout the remainder of the summer," said Chief Hauser.

The Cathedal City Fire Department have assisted in fighting over fire fires in California this summer, while continuing to protect residents here in the Valley.

"When we deploy our resources to the fires throughout the state, we deploy it with four. So four firefighters on an engine and if needed there's overhead Chief officers that go as well. We need to make sure that we protect our community. Our ability to send great numbers isn't there," said Hauser.

Chief Hauser advises people in the Valley to create a "Wildfire Action Plan" that consists of emergency meeting locations, stocked food and emergency supplies, and an evacuation plan.

"Make sure you have a communication plan. Make sure you can make contact with someone outside of the area that can make notifications for you if needed. Make sure your pets are cared for. Again a plan for large animals, horses. There's a wide variety of things that need to be done well in advance of an emergency incident," said Hauser.


-Designate an emergency meeting location outside the fire area.

-Have a couple different escape routes

-Have an evacuation plan for large animals

-Have a common plan with an out of area friend or relative

-Have an extinguisher and know how to use it

-Turn off gas, water, power

-Emergency supply kit to last for 72 hours with food and water

-Cash, medications, flashlight, and shoes