Recreational Water Viruses: What's Going Around for the Week of May 16

Stay out of the pool when you're sick.  That's just one thing local doctors are talking about when looking at "What's Going Around" the area where you live.

  • The warmer weather may have people out doing more athletic activities, because Dr. Michael Jardula treated several patients in Palm Springs for various orthopedic injuries.  He urges people to get into activities more cautiously, and make sure to stretch and warm up first.
  • The stomach bug known as viral gastroenteritis continues to go around La Quinta.  But Dr. Efren Wu reports that the majority of cases are viral and should pass within 48 to 72 hours.  Those in the 20-to 40-year-old age range seem to be affected most, but this is really non-discriminatory.  Stay well-hydrated in the meantime.  Patients are also coming in suffering with allergic rhinitis.  Wu suggests using over-the-counter antihistamines unless something stronger is needed.
  • Spending time in the pool, hot tub, or other bodies of water can be refreshing this time of year, but Dr. Randolph Gibbs warns people to be on the lookout for recreational water viruses.  These usually involve gastrointestinal or respiratory tract issues, skin, or eye problems.  If sick, he recommends staying out of the water so others aren't infected.
  • Several cases of gout have come through Dr. Frank Arian's office, and are common this time of year.  He says as Palm Springs starts to warm up, many people haven't adjusted their water intake.  That, along with plenty of barbeques with beer and cocktails flowing, creates the perfect environment for gout.  If you're susceptible, decrease your intake of alcohol, red meat, aged wines and cheeses. You should also be drinking 16 eight-ounce glasses of water every day.  Arian continues to see the antibiotic resistant infection MRSA.  He says it is spread by contact, so keep cuts and sores covered and wash hands well.   It's also important to boost the immune system by staying hydrated, eating nutritious foods, getting plenty of sleep, and keeping stress levels low. Finally, retiring tennies when it's time can help prevent the spread of an ugly toenail fungus that is more prevalent this time of year.  Because curing this can be tough and expensive, the best cure is prevention.  Wear flip-flops in public showers, and don't share nail clippers or scissors.

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