At homes they're supposed to be selling, realtors have been caught stealing jewelry and prescription medication. And the most shocking images we obtained from the ABC News magazine 20/20 -- a real estate agent caught on camera having love sessions with another realtor in the home of a client.

"It just kind of freaks you out, thinking that somebody else is in your house having sex.  I mean it's kind of unnerving," said Ray Marchant.
Marchant just sold his home in the El Rancho Vista Estates neighborhood in Palm Springs.  He says the sale of his home went by the book, but admits it wasn't easy giving his realtor easy access to his home.

"You end up giving the keys to your home, your life, your possessions, everything and then they give it to their people, and their people give it to whoever, and so you have all these strangers going through your house," said Marchant..

Jim Franklin can appreciate homeowners concern about the security of their homes. He's been selling residential homes in the Coachella Valley for 12 years and says over the years, he's seen first hand how some real estate agents misbehave.

"I've gone into open houses and realtors are drinking or they're sleeping or watching sports, you know, not doing what they're supposed to be doing," said Franklin.

Franklin advises anyone putting their home on the market to research area realtors and go off references before making a hire.  Also, he believes it's a good idea to retain an agent that uses an electronic lock box, so there's a record of the comings and goings of all realtors that enter the home.

"We get an e-mail I think within a minute when somebody opens that lock box.  If they're not supposed to be there, were on the case with it," he said.
In the the 20/20 video -- the realtors caught getting cozy were captured on a motion activated camera that was set up by the homeowner.  Extra scrutiny, Franklin says he and most of his real estate brethren don't mind.

"They can tape me all they want to, I would never do anything like that, and I don't think 99.9 percent of realtors would."