Puppy killed by pit bull at dog park, family and other dog owners speak out

Video: Puppy killed by pit bull at dog park, family and dog owners speak out

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Palm Springs Animal Control is investigating the death of a 5-month-old puppy who was attacked and killed at a local dog park last Sunday.

The dog owner is sharing her story in hopes others don't have to go through the same thing. 

"I tried to get over to the dog to get my baby but everyone was holding me back, so I couldn't do anything to help him."

Alexis Hyde fights back tears as she relives the day her 10 pound poodle named Teddy was attacked. Teddy was in the large dog section of the dog park, which was routine according to Hyde, but this time a pit bull approached Teddy, took him in his mouth and shook him. Hyde says the pit bull owner tried to put a stop to it.

"She ran over to the dog and told him to 'drop it, drop it, drop it'. It was a while before he did," said Hyde.

Hyde and her friend rushed Teddy to the hospital.

"I saw him leave. It was just out of my hands. It was out of the doctors hands. There was nothing we could do at that point," Hyde's friend, Brandon Slimp said.

According to the Palm Springs Police Department, animal control located the pit bull's owner and is giving her 10 days to hand the dog over to the city of Palm Springs or make an appeal. The Hyde family wants the dog put down. 

Avril Mueller is a regular dog park goer and is familiar with the pit bull who grabbed teddy. 

"I don't understand how a dog in those circumstances gets the blame for a situation both dog owners are responsible for," Mueller said.

Rabbi Sally Olins is a small dog owner. She says she didn't see the attack, but watched Teddy go into the park. 

"We all said, unfortunately, 'Is that woman out of her mind? Does she know what she's doing?'," Olins said.

"I get choked up thinking about it. I don't know what I would do if something happened to my dog," another dog owner said.

As for now, The Hyde family says this is their last visit to the Palm Springs dog park and has a message for other dog owners; 

"People, they have an idea of what their dog is going to act like around other dogs. Like if you're big dog doesn't like small dogs, don't bring your dog to the dog park," Hyde said.

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