PSUSD showcases visual and performing arts program

The showcase took place Friday morning.

Palm Springs Unified School District showcases visual and performing arts program

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - The Palm Springs Unified School District showcased its performing and visual arts program Friday morning. Visitors from other school districts spent time at Agua Caliente Elementary School in Cathedral City as well as several other schools.

Students got to get their creative juices flowing visually and through performance. The principal, Dr. Ingrid Lin, says it's a platform for them to learn about culture outside their community.

"There's a lot of diversity and underrepresented students whose parent's priority isn't in the arts," Lin said.

Students at the school are treated to several options for arts learning including theater classes and ballroom dancing.

No matter what they choose, Lin said having arts programs improves academic performance in reading and math and motivates students.

"It increases their engagement and therefore they want to be want to be in school and they want to learn," Lin said.

With students letting their imagination run wild-like with theater props, the arts programs are already paying dividends at the school, with less behavioral issues and increased attendance.

With students engaged, teachers hope it translates into success later in life.

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