UPDATE (August 30th, 8:42 am):  Police officers have arrested the resident who lived at the home where the fight took place.  44-year-old Shawn Ziegler was arrested on weapons and assault charges.   He was booked at the county jail in Banning.

The Palm Springs Police Department found an inactive THC honey oil lab while investigating an assault in the 2700 block of San Marino Road on Monday afternoon.

The incident was reported near Viminal Road just before 2:45 p.m. The details behind the incident are a bit unclear at this time, but here's what we know right now:

Sgt. Hutchinson said two guys got into an altercation at the residence after one suspect drove onto the home's lawn, crashing into what appears to be large tool boxes. A person in the home came out with a gun, and the suspect in the truck then struck the man in the head with some sort of metal object.

The gun went off when the person was hit with the metal pipe, but nobody was shot during the incident, according to the Palm Springs Police Department.

When police went inside the home to check for more victims they discovered the honey oil lab.  These labs use large amounts of marijuana and butane to make honey oil. The drug is also known as hash oil or wax.

It is a method where a large amount of THC is put into a liquid form for people that want to smoke that type of substance it can be very volatile and very dangerous.

The Palm Springs Police Department has shut down roads in the neighborhood while they investigate, but officers said nobody was evacuated because the honey oil lab wasn't active.

Neighbors who live near the home tell KESQ that they have never smelled marijuana or seen anything suspicious coming from the home.

"I have live here all my life and we have never had an issue," said Sylvia Escobedo who lives just a few houses away from the honey oil lab.

KESQ and CBS Local 2 will deliver more details as the investigation moves forward.