President ends trip to Coachella Valley

PALM SPRINGS, Calif - President Obama headed back to Washington, D.C.night after a long weekend in the Coachella Valley.

No matter your political ideology it's pretty neat to see the current president take off in Air Force One especially on Presidents' Day. 

It wrapped up a four day trip to the desert that was a mix of business and pleasure. 

With a quick wave President Barack Obama ended his second trip to the Coachella Valley.

"This is really exciting that I get to see Obama leaving," said onlooker Leslie Vasquez.

What a better way to spend Presidents' Day than seeing the President himself or at least his plane.

"That is the biggest plane that I have even seen in my entire life and I've only been in one plane and it was the smallest ever," said Devin Munoz. 

"I think it's pretty large," said Vasquez.  

"It's very big," said Joseph Rodarte.

Hundreds gathered near the Palm Springs International Airport excited to see Air Force One take off.

"I've never seen the President anywhere up close or even this close for I thought for them to be able to experience it would be something memorable," said Yesenia Vasquez.

"I've never seen the President,  I've only seen him in like the tv but over here, that is a great experience for him to be over here," said Munoz. 

"It's cool, I wish I was a little close to shake his hand," said Leslie Vasquez.

President Obama spent four days in the Valley.  He landed in Palm Springs just before 7 pm on Valentine's Day.

After he was greeted by local lawmakers, he headed to the Sunndylands Estate where King Abdullah the second of Jordan met him for dinner. 

Among the issues discussed,  the US's financial support of Jordan which has faced significant financial pressure dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis.

"People in Jordan have been very generous," said Mr. Obama. 

Outside the pink walls noticeably missing were protesters.  When President Obama hosted China's President in June at the Annenberg compound, hundreds braved the heat so their message could be heard.  This weekend only about a dozen waved flags and chanted, something local businesses in the area didn't mind at all.

"We really haven't noticed any downturn. It really hasn't caused any disruption at all. There aren't any protesters like we had last time," said restaurant owner Sam Esposito.

On Saturday, with no official business on the agenda, the President played golf with three of his closest friends from childhood.

The President did however, mix some business with pleasure signing two bills into law.

In the evening, Mr. Obama took a short trip to to the home of Michael Smith, the interior designer who designed the private living quarters at the White House and at the Sunnylands Center. . 

On Sunday President Obama took advantage of the Valley's great weather with another day of golf at billionaire Larry Ellison's private golf course, also known as Porcupine Creek, in Rancho Mirage.

Before heading back to Washington the foursome squeezed in one more round at Sunnylands.

"I think it's exciting, it brings some focus to the valley and how nice our weather is at this time of the year," said Vasquez.

President Obama is the eighth American president to enjoy Sunnylands helping to fulfill Walter and Leonore Annenberg's dream of turning the Rancho Mirage estate into the Camp David of the West. 

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