President and First Lady spend first night in Rancho Mirage

President and First Lady spend first night in Rancho Mirage

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - It's official, President Obama is back in the Coachella Valley for the third time in just over a year, this time bringing First Lady Michelle Obama.
Congressman Raul Ruiz was among the first to greet the Obama's told us the First Lady shared her enthusiasm about the trip.

"She was very graceful and pleasant and she was very looking forward to getting to know Palm Springs and the desert and her stay here," Ruiz said.

Airforce One landed at Palm Springs International Airport Friday evening just after 6 p.m., and even though it was a sight locals have seen before, many were just as amazed this time around.

"He flew right over my place so I saw the belly of the plane and I thought how fantastic," said Robin Bonitz of Rancho Mirage.

The President's plans in the valley are shrouded with mystery, but his first stop was Thunderbird Heights in Rancho Mirage.

Onlookers who caught the motorcade turning on Hwy 111 say they even got to see the President in his car.

"I did see him sitting, he was on this side, it was great. When else are you going to be that close to the President?" Bonitz said.
Sources tell News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 they may be staying at the estate of interior designer Micheal Smith, a close friend of the Obamas. 
Saturday, the President is scheduled to depart Palm Springs just after 8 a.m., headed to Angel Stadium in Anaheim. There he'll give the commencement speech for U.C. Irvine's graduation to about 8,000 students.

At 2 p.m., he'll return to the valley where he's expected to remain until Monday morning.

Since plans for Saturday night and Father's Day Sunday are under wraps, we asked valley viewers what they hope the Obamas do.

"I think he should swim, I think he should relax, play a round of golf," Bonitz said.

"I'm sure he'll get a round of golf in, that's what we hope," said David LaPorta of Rancho Mirage.

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