A power surge blew through Raymond Roman and his partner Franklin Jasko's home on Buena Vista Drive in Palm Springs after a car crashed into a power pole along Alejo Road just after 3 a.m. Thursday.

"There were sparks and a lot of clicking. It was kind of scary. I didn't know what to expect," said Roman.

The power outage knocked out power to nearly 1,000 customers. When the lights turned back on, they discovered some of their home appliances were fried. Now, Roman and Jasko's neighbors are left scrambling to get their internet, kitchen outlets, pool pumps and air conditioners fixed.

It won't come cheap and neighbors are calling on Southern California Edison to cover the costs of the damage.

"I've had estimates already and it could cost several thousand dollars in my own case," said Jasko.

SCE said those affected by the power surge need to submit a claim form to be considered for reimbursement. It generally does not reimburse for damages caused by factors out of the company's control, officials said. However, they added that each claim is thoroughly reviewed.

Jasko and Roman said the surge raked up more than just dollar signs, but stress too.

"I hope they will honor the claim and pay us for the damages that this problem has cost us," said Roman.

SCE recommends that anyone making claims should gather all the necessary documents, such as proofs of purchase, repair estimates and invoices.

For more information on how to file a claim with Southern California Edison, visit