Voters Approve Prop 28

Limits Time Lawmakers Can Serve In Sacramento

California voters have approved a tweak to lawmakers term limits that supporters say will promote consistency and reduce the influence of lobbyists.

Proposition 28 will limit lawmakers to 12 years, but allow them
to spend that time in one house or a combination in both houses of
the state Legislature.

The measure had about two-thirds support with more than 2
million votes cast Tuesday night.

Currently, lawmakers can serve up to three two-year terms in the
Assembly and two four-year terms in the Senate, for a total of 14

Good government organizations argued that California's strict
term limits assure that the statehouse is filled with inexperienced
politicians who are overly reliant on lobbyists and bureaucrats to
help them write legislation.

Critics warned the change would lead to entrenchment in Sacramento.

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