• China cyber sanctions could come next week

    China military parade 3

    Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

    Sanctions against China for cyberattacks on the U.S. private sector could come as early as next week, U.S. officials told CNN Friday.

    The package of penalties on individuals and commercial entities believed to be responsible for the attacks has been ...

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    By Tal Kopan and Jim Sciutto CNN
  • Mike Huckabee to visit Kentucky clerk in jail

    Kentucky clerk denying licenses

    Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is planning to visit the Kentucky clerk taken into custody for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples next week.

    Huckabee will visit Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk, in jail Tuesday be...

  • Clinton: Biden 'struggling' with possible run

    Hillary Clinton 3 3 15


    Hillary Clinton refused to weigh in Friday on whether Vice President Joe Biden will challenge her and run for president, saying he's clearly "struggling" with the decision.

    "I'm not going to address any of the political questions around my friend Joe ...

  • In 2016, Ted Cruz dreams of a 2012 replay

    Ted Cruz

    From Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

    Ted Cruz's team thinks they already beat Jeb Bush -- three years ago.

    That's when Cruz, a young lawyer with a thin resume but political talent, elbowed his way through a crowded field with just enough cash and just enough endorsements to topple an est...

  • Donald Trump planning Dallas rally Sept. 14

    Donald Trump, August 2015

    Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

    Donald Trump is heading back to Texas, but this time he won't be visiting the border.

  • Colbert pokes Bush for surprise fundraising

    Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report

    From Scott Gries/Comedy Central

    In a fundraising email, Jeb Bush announced last month that he'd be appearing as a guest on Stephen Colbert's first taping as host of the "Late Show" and offered supporters a chance to come watch if they entered a raffle in exchange for a $3 donation ...

  • Not losers: Trump praises Tom Brady, Kanye

    Donald Trump, Aug. 25, 2015

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Despite all of the loser-calling coming from GOP front-runner Donald Trump, it appears he does like at least two fellow celebrities.

  • Trump stumped on foreign policy, hits 'gotcha' questions

    Trump in Alabama CNN


    Donald Trump stumbled when asked about the heads of major terrorist organizations on Thursday and then lashed out at what he called a "gotcha question."

    Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination, blasted conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in an ...

  • Fact check: Trump misstates piece of Iran deal

    Trump frowning debate

    Fox News

    Real estate mogul Donald Trump is known for bragging about his ability to negotiate, and he has been hitting President Barack Obama hard over the Iran nuclear deal.

    But one of Trump's major arguments against the deal is actually incorrect, according t...

  • Biden: Family biggest factor in 2016 decision

    Biden at podium


    Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he "would not hesitate" to run for president if he concludes that he can launch a "viable" campaign and that his family can make it through a presidential bid following the recent death of his son.

    "If I can...

  • Bush vows to 'fight back' against Trump

    Trump Bush

    Jonathan Alcorn/Getty Images, Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

    A fiery Jeb Bush ramped up his rhetoric against presidential rival Donald Trump Thursday night in yet another show of force as the former Florida governor changes tactics to go after the Republican front-runner.

    Taking questions from voters at a Veter...

  • Trump signs RNC loyalty pledge

    Donald_Trump Pledge

    Donald Trump has signed the pledge.

    The Republican presidential front-runner met privately with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus Thursday afternoon, and soon after, came out to the lobby of Trump Tower to declare that he has sign...

  • ESPN benches Curt Schilling for the rest of MLB season

    Ex-major leaguer tweeted about Muslim extremists and Nazis

    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    Curt Schilling's suspension from helping ESPN broadcast the Little League World Series was extended Thursday to include the big leagues.

  • Tim Scott defends use of 'all lives matter'

    Tim Scott South Carolina

    Office of Senator Tim Scott via CNN

    South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said it is not his problem that Black Lives Matter activists find the phrase "all lives matter" offensive.

  • Would Hillary Clinton be this bold today?

    Hillary Clinton 1995


    It's still Hillary Clinton's most iconic moment.

    Long before Benghazi, email scandals, a globetrotting run as secretary of state and the "18 million cracks" she punched in the glass ceiling during her 2008 presidential campaign, the then-first lady ca...

  • 307,000 vets may have died awaiting VA care, report says

    Veterans Administration may have hid long wait times

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Hundreds of thousands of veterans listed in the Department of Veterans Affairs enrollment system died before their applications for care were processed, according to a report issued Wednesday.

    The VA's inspector general found that out of about 800,000...

  • White House defends private celebrity-studded soirees

    White House

    John R. Coughlin/CNNMoney

    White House visitor logs released this week were notably missing something. Actually, around 500 somethings.

  • Source: Trump likely to rule out independent bid

    Trump points debate

    Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Republican front-runner Donald Trump is expected to rule out a third-party bid for president Thursday, following a meeting with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus in the afternoon.

    In recent days, the RNC has circulated a pledge to...

  • Fiorina: RNC loyalty pledge 'unenforceable'

    Carly Fiorina August 2015

    Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Thursday that signing a Republican loyalty pledge is about "your word" but acknowledged the document is unenforceable.

    The Republican National Committee has been circulating the pledge in recent day...

  • Ex-State Department employee refuses to testify on emails

    State Department exterior

    Bethany Swain/CNN

    A former State Department employee who worked on Hillary Clinton's private email server has informed Congress that he will invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying before the House Select Committee on Benghazi and in response to other Congressi...

  • Rahm Emanuel rushed off stage by protesters

    Rahm Emanuel handshake

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was forced off the stage at a budget hearing Wednesday night by protesters angry over the closing of a Chicago high school.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes anti-Trump op-ed

    Trump vs Kareem copy

    Mark Wilson and Jason Davis/Getty Images

    Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote an op-ed in Wednesday's Washington Post outlining the differences between GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

  • Trump: Bush should speak English in the US

    Trump Bush

    Jonathan Alcorn/Getty Images, Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

    Donald Trump took a jab Wednesday at Jeb Bush for using Spanish to dismiss the mogul's conservative credibility.

  • Obama busts a move with middle schoolers

    Obama busts a move

    President Barack Obama wasn't afraid to bust a move Wednesday.

  • Benghazi panel will grill Clinton aide behind closed doors

    Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy  Jim Jordan

    Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    The House panel investigating the fatal 2012 Benghazi attack is set to interrogate two of then-Secretary of Hillary Clinton's top aides this week: former chief-of-staff Cheryl Mills on Thursday and former top aide Jake Sullivan on Friday.

    Ahead of th...


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