• Bill Clinton: 'I could have killed' Osama bin Laden

    Bill Clinton at financial summit 2012

    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Bill Clinton, just hours before planes crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, reportedly told an audience in Australia that he almost killed Osama bin Laden during his presidency.

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    By Dan Merica CNN
  • Immigration vote halted

    House of Representatives, Capitol

    Burke Buckhorn/CNN

    On what was supposed to be the last day before summer recess, dysfunction reigned in Congress.

    House Republican leaders called off a vote Thursday on their $659 million emergency response to the border influx from Central America overwhelming immigrat...

  • CIA apologizes for spying on Senate committee

    CIA logo


    CIA Director John Brennan apologized to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday and admitted the agency spied on computers used by its staffers who prepared an investigation of the controversial post 9/11 CIA interrogation and detention program...

  • Bush writes book about Bush

    Presidents George W

    For George W. Bush, this project is personal. The 43rd president of the United States has written a book about his father, who happens to be the nation's 41st president.

  • Walker's bargaining rights law upheld by state Supreme Court

    Scott Walker Wisconsin Governor

    Darren Hauck/Reuters

    Republican Gov. Scott Walker scored a big victory Thursday after the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the collective bargaining rights law that angered public employees but rocketed Walker into national GOP fame.

  • House authorizes lawsuit against Obama

    Capitol building dome

    Burke Buckhorn/CNN

    The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he abused his powers at the expense of Congress and the Constitution.

  • Senate passes bill to overhaul VA

    VA Medical Center


    The Senate on Thursday night easily approved a $16 billion bill to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs. The measure that won overwhelming House approval a day earlier now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature.

  • Oops. Senate makes $2 billion error


    Senate TV

    Senators trying to mount a head-on battle with the House over highway funding may have doomed their own bill with a $2 billion mistake.

  • CIA interrogation report could be released next week

    CIA Headquarters Langley Virginia

    REUTERS/Jason Reed

    A Senate Intelligence Committee report detailing the CIA's controversial interrogation and detention program following the 9/11 terror attacks could be released to the public as soon as next week, congressional sources in each party said Wednesday.

  • Bergdahl to be questioned soon about capture

    Sgt Bowe Bergdahl

    Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will meet next week with the general who's looking into how the now-freed prisoner of war was captured by the Taliban in 2009, the Army and his attorney said.

    Attorney Eugene Fidell told CNN he will know for sure next week exa...

  • House approves bill to overhaul VA

    VA Medical Center


    The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a $16 billion bill to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs. House approves filing lawsuit against president

  • Ukraine claims rebels planted mines near MH17

    Donetsk, Ukraine damage

    Raja Razek/CNN

    The road isn't easy -- past shelling and eerie separatist checkpoints. But where it leads is harder still.

    Twelve days after MH17 was blown out of the sky, pieces of the plane remain here, but for days investigators haven't been able to reach the site...

  • Domestic violence: Next in gun-control fight


    Gregg Canes/CNN

    The scene is intense: A man is ferociously knocking on a door while a woman inside the house calls 911, saying that her ex is trying to break in. A child sits on the couch.

    The man bursts in and grabs the child, and the woman yells not to take the to...

  • Will latest sanctions on Russia work?

    Vladimir Putin Russia President

    RIA Novosti / Reuters

    More Russian aggression in Ukraine. More U.S. and European sanctions imposed on Moscow. What seems like diplomatic tail-chasing so many months into the Ukraine conflict invites questions about how Western powers can defuse the worsening conflict in Eastern Europe.

  • Senate votes to start debate on emergency border bill

    Immigration debate

    Kyung Lah/CNN

    The Senate voted on Wednesday to take up a $2.7 billion Democratic spending bill to address the southern border crisis.

    Lawmakers voted 63-33 on a procedural vote to begin debate on the emergency measure prompted by the deluge of migrant youth from C...

  • More VA employees told to falsify data

    VA Medical Center


    Roughly half the schedulers at multiple Veterans Affairs hospitals said they received instructions from supervisors to falsify data and hide the true time it took patients to be seen by a doctor after making an appointment, new details from an intern...

  • WH mulls steps on immigration it can take on its own

    Immigration reform supporters

    Sarah Hoye/CNN

    As Congress wrestles with legislation aimed at easing the southern border crisis, the White House is considering steps President Barack Obama can take on his own to address an immigration system widely viewed as broken and in need of reform.

  • Surprise Senate highway vote near deadline

    US Capitol 2

    Bob Kovach/CNN

    Alert: last-minute plot twist on a national issue that may involve your commute.

  • Obama lambasts Republicans for 'hatin' all the time'



    Days before Congress' summer break begins, President Barack Obama used a Wednesday morning speech in Kansas City, Mo., to lambast Republicans who are preparing to sue him rather than take action on some of his agenda items.

  • House GOP leaders unveil smaller border bill

    US Mexican border

    REUTERS/Mike Blake

    Struggling to come up with enough votes to pass a funding bill to address the southern border crisis, House Republican leaders further scaled-back their proposal on Tuesday, unveiling a $659 million measure aimed at bringing conservatives on board.

  • Boehner denies GOP plans to impeach Obama

    John Boehner


    House Speaker John Boehner flatly denied Tuesday that congressional Republicans are moving to impeach President Barack Obama, blasting talk about it as "a scam started by Democrats at the White House."

    "We have no plans to impeach the President. We ha...

  • Appeals court rejects Health law challenge

    Affordable Care Act website, health care website


    Score one for Affordable Care Act supporters in court on Tuesday. A three-judge appeals panel in Washington unanimously rejected a novel challenge to how the the legislation took shape in Congress.

  • Senate confirms McDonald as Veterans Affairs secretary

    Bob McDonald VA nominee

    REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

    The Senate on Tuesday unanimously confirmed Robert McDonald, a former corporate CEO and an ex-Army officer, as the next Veterans Affairs secretary.

  • Frustrated governor writes Obama about border kids

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam expressed frustration with the Obama administration's decision to place 760 unaccompanied minors in his state without notification.

    In a letter addressed to President Barack Obama dated July 25, Haslam said it was "unaccepta...

  • WH: Major costs to delaying climate change policy

    Pollution, smoke stacks


    If lawmakers delay taking action now on climate change it could cost taxpayers exponentially more in the future to deal with the effects of a warming planet, the White House is warning Tuesday.


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