Last week, the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department released the transcripts of the recordings. Now, we get to actually hear the drama as authorities closed in on Dorner.

They found themselves in a standoff with a former cop who they say had gone on a killing spree in a case of revenge for being fired in 2009 by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The newly released recordings chronicle how the manhunt for Christopher Dorner came to an end on February 12th of this year in the Big Bear area.

The most dramatic part of the 13 hours of audio comes when Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer, is cornered in a mountain cabin.

Deputy: "We have an officer down, an officer down."

Dispatcher: "Copy officer down."

Dorner had shot and killed San Bernardino County Sheriff's detective Jermiah Mckay and and seriously injured deputy Alex Collins.

Deputy: "We need an armored vehicle to get the personnel out."

Dispatcher: "I copy. The deputies are still down in the kill zone."

Deputy: "We're going to be popping smoke and moving vehicles to get the victims out."

Dispatcher: "Copy, copy, smoke to get the victims out."

Then, as the call continues, deputies discuss what they are seeing at the scene.

Deputy: "I've got a guy seeing some camouflage underneath that door."

Deputy: "We have blood spatters in the far corner. You've got a couple of mattresses laying up against the bed."

A deputy then goes on to say it's time to flush Dorner out of the cabin.

Deputy: "Alright Steve, we're going forward with the plan, with the burn.  Sounded like one shot fired from inside the residence."

Dispatch: "Copy. One shot fired from inside the residence."

The recordings show that deputies held their fire during the final hours of the standoff.

It's believed Dorner died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police say he killed four people, including two law enforcement officers.