We're learning new information about the security data breach at P.F. Chang's that left some customers' credit and debit card information susceptible to thieves. 

The restaurant chain began contacting customers via email to provide updates on the investigation.

According to a statement released Wednesday, the data breach was a highly sophisticated criminal operation and its being investigated by both the United States Secret Service and a team of third-party forensic experts.

An investigation of this nature takes time and they can only share details that have been confirmed by investigators, according to the release.

Officials with the restaurant chain said they're working closely with the forensic team to provide information to credit card companies in effort to identify the affected cards.

Once the banks are notified of that information, they will begin contacting their customers to let them know if their card was involved in the breach. P.F. Chang's will also provide more information on its website as soon as investigators determine the scope of the compromise.

For the time being, you should continue to monitor your accounts and report any suspected fraudulent activity to your bank.

Officials with P.F. Chang's said it is safe for you to use your credit and debit cards at their restaurants today. They said they've deployed additional encryption-enabled terminals to swiftly and securely process credit and debit card information.

For the latest information regarding the data breach and the investigation, visit the security section of P.F. Chang's website.

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